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1-T-5-07 再生産論・講義(一橋大学大学院講義) 1967-8

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)Reference Code
1967-07-04 [数式・グラフ] [都留, 重人] 1-T-5-07/06
1967 再生産論―講義プラン [高須賀, 義博?] 1-T-5-07/01
1967 Ⅳ 再生産表式の基本構造 [高須賀, 義博?] 1-T-5-07/02
1967 再生産論:梗概と文献 [都留, 重人?] 1-T-5-07/04
1967 「高須賀[義博]報告」メモ [都留, 重人] 1-T-5-07/05
1967 再生産論[講義プラン] [都留, 重人] 1-T-5-07/03
1962-10 「技術進歩と生産性」『経済研究』, vol.13,no.4 都留, 重人 1-T-5-07/10
1951 [1951年の再生産論セミナール関係資料] - 1-T-5-07/08
1951 The purpose of this paper is to relate the technical coefficients of production to the conditions of exchange… [都留, 重人?] 1-T-5-07/07
[経済表] [都留, 重人] 1-T-5-07/09


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