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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1970-11-23 佐藤首相他 「公害問題言行録をみれば」『赤旗』(1970/11/23) 佐藤, 栄作 他 - 1-H-01-12/06
1970-10-22 佐藤首相 「国連総会(25周年記念)での演説から」『日本経済新聞』(1970/10/22(朝刊)) 佐藤, 栄作 - 1-H-01-12/05/02
1970-10-15 佐藤首相 「社会開発が実効をあげなかった…」『日本経済新聞』(1970/10/15(夕刊)) 佐藤, 栄作 - 1-H-01-12/05/01
1970-02-10 Fact Sheet. President's message to the Congress on the Environment. Office of the White House Press Secretary - 1-H-01-12/03
1970-02-10 For Release upon delivery to the Senate or the House of Representatives, 12:00 Noon, Est, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1970 Office of the White House Press Secretary - 1-H-01-12/02
Hal Borland, The most unhappy thing about conversation …, American novelist Borland, Hal - 1-H-01-12/04/12
The Lord God planted Man …, Genesis Genesis - 1-H-01-12/04/11
Joseph Wood Krutch, There is a paradox at the heart …, naturalist Krutch, Joseph Wood - 1-H-01-12/04/10
Aldo Leopold, It is inconceivable to me that an …, conservationist Leopold, Aldo - 1-H-01-12/04/09
Francis Thompson, All things by immortal power … Thompson, Francis - 1-H-01-12/04/08
Henry David Thoreau, This curious world which we … Thoreau, Henry David - 1-H-01-12/04/07
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