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1-F1-2-020~064 [欧文: 著者名E~W, フネ会議(1971)関係資料, マルクス生誕150年記念シンポジウム(1968)関係資料を含む]

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
2000-07-30 L'<<Economie au sens large>> concue par Karl Polanyi et Yoshiro Tamanoi.『愛知学院大学論叢 商学研究』, 第43巻 第1号 Sekine, Thomas Tomohiko. - 1-F1-2-053
1994-11 Development versus growth: Japan's move from quantity towards quality, Institute for world economics Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Working papers no.41 Hernadi, Andras - 1-F1-2-030
1994 Threatening the peace: U. S. Policy toward Korea. <<Monthly Review>>, vol. 5 no.1 Hart-Landsberg, Martin - 1-F1-2-027
1975 Towards a just peace: A Framework of Ethico-Political Norms. Institute of international Relations for Advances Studies on Peace and Development in Asia, Research papers series A-27 Wessels, David J. - 1-F1-2-063
1975 Yanagida Kunio's work as a model of endogenous development. Institute of international Relations for Advances Studies on Peace and Development in Asia. Research papers series A-26 Tsurumi, Kazuko - 1-F1-2-061
1975 The Late-comers to the club of nations. Research papers series A-25 Mushakoji, Kinhide - 1-F1-2-041
1973-07 Demographic variables in the economics of education. Conference on the Economic Aspects of Population Growth. Valescure 3 to 8 Sept. 1973 Stone, Richard. - 1-F1-2-055
1973-04 Center for law and social policy - - 1-F1-2-043
1973 II. Legal-Technical Considerations Rehbinder, E. - 1-F1-2-046
1972-11 Classical monetary theory and the now-optimality theorem Sekine, Thomas Tomohiko. - 1-F1-2-052
1972-05 Public interest law firms: New voices for new constituencies.<<American Bar Association Journal>>, vol.58 Harrison, Gordon; Jaffe, Sanford M. - 1-F1-2-026
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