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1-F1-9-024~038 [欧文: 著者名H~P]

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
2003-09-19 Institutionalizing the economic basis of peace <<Reasonable men: politices, expertise, and the public intellectual in 20th century Japan>> Chapter 5 Hein, Laura - 1-F1-9-024
1980 Prices, technological change, and productivity in the American Health Care Industry <<Contemporary economic problems, 1980>> American Enterprise Institute ; William Fellner, project director Perlman, Mark - 1-F1-9-038
1973-09-03 Economic factors and fertility decline in France and Belgium. Lesthaeghe, R.; van de Walle, E. - 1-F1-9-032
1973-09 Empirical Research in Taiwan on factors underlying differences in fertility. Prepared for International Economic Association Conference on "The Economic Aspects of Population Growth" Vakescure, France, September 3-8, 1973 Hermalin, Albert I. - 1-F1-9-025
1973-05 Some economic aspects of labour migration in Europe since World War Ⅱ. Paper to be presented at a Conference of the International Economic Association on "The Economic Aspects of Population Growth" in Velascure, France(1973/9) Hume, Ian M, - 1-F1-9-027
1972-11-05 The Austrian theory of capital and its re-birth in modern economics. Round Table Symposium on Capital and Growth at Nagoya, 5th November 1972 Hicks, John R. - 1-F1-9-026
1972-08 Economic priorities in the 1970s and Moving toward external and internal economic balance (American Enterprise Institute, reprints no.2) McCracken,Paul W - 1-F1-9-033
1971 Class struggle, and the distribution of national income <<Kyklos: International review for social sciences>> vol.24, no.1 Kalecki, Michal - 1-F1-9-029
1970-06-04 Mysterious Japan: A diary, The New York Review Leontief, Wassily - 1-F1-9-031
1969-07 Pitfalls in benefit-cost analysis of birth prevention <<Population studies>> vol.23, no.2 Leibenstein, Harvey - 1-F1-9-030
1968-03 A comparison of level of consumption of urban households in Japan and on Mainland China (一橋大学経済研究所数量経済研究シリーズno.23) Mizoguchi, Toshiyuki - 1-F1-9-035
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