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1-F1-9-039~057 [欧文: 著者名R~Y, The International Monetary System and Economic Recovery(トリノ, 1984)関係資料を含む]

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1984-09 The political Galbraith <<Journal of post Keynesian economics>> vol.7,no.1 Schlesinger, Arthur Jr. - 1-F1-9-042
1984-03-31 Conclusioni del Rof. Rovert Triffin, Il Sistema Monetario Internazionale e la Ripresa Economica, Torino, 31 Marzo 1984 Triffin, Robert - 1-F1-9-052
1984-03 L'explosion des reserves monetaires internationales [Triffin, Robert] - 1-F1-9-053
1984-03 International Monetary Reform and Economic Recovery: A European view. Russo, Massimo - 1-F1-9-039
1983-07-25 Keynes and schumpeter: Two concurrent explorations of the frontiers of the economic science. Conference version [Perlman, Mark] - 1-F1-9-057
1977-07 Is the Soviet Union really an imperialistic power? Turgeon, Lynn - 1-F1-9-055
1976-10 America's National Parks. Their principles, purposes, and prospects, A Natural History Special Supplement Sax, Joseph L - 1-F1-9-041
1971-11 How to arrest a threatening relapse into the 1930's <<Bulletin of the National Bank of Belgium, 46th year>> vol.2,no.5 Triffin, Robert - 1-F1-9-054
1969-09 Industrial Revolution and factory labor in Japan Taira, Koji - 1-F1-9-051
1969-03 Keynes' General Theory in the Light of A Theory of General Disequilibrium Shibata, Kei - 1-F1-9-043
1961-08-11 Economic development in Argentina, Harvard University. Economics S-169, Prof. Shigeto Tsuru Yujnovsky, Oscar - 1-F1-9-056
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