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Oct-2018 CHOI, Jay Pil; FURUSAWA, Taiji; ISHIKAWA, Jota Transfer Pricing and the Arm's Length Principle under Imperfect Competition - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-73
28-Sep-2018 FALKOWSKA, Aleksandra The impact of environmental policy on the waste management industry 廃棄物産業に対する環境政策の影響 -
27-Sep-2018 國本, 哲史 死の社会学の展開 : 死の表象研究に向けて Expansion of the Sociology of Death: Toward a Representational Study of Death -
23-Sep-2018 吉田, 隆; 小西, 大 銀行・企業間関係及び格付け取得とレバレッジの調整速度 - Working Paper Series ; G-2-11
Sep-2018 荒井, 耕 医療・介護多角経営時代の損益実態と経営管理(6) : 法人内連携統合を促進するための経営管理実践の現状 - -
Sep-2018 岩﨑, 一郎; 雲, 和広 ロシア地域出生率の動態と決定要因 : 動学的パネルデータ分析 - RRC Working Paper Series ; No. 78
Sep-2018 顔, 菊馨; 近藤, 隆則; 白須, 洋子; 三隅, 隆司 日本個人投資家のリスク性資産への投資行動 : 金融リテラシーの種類や情報源の違いはどんな影響を与えるのか? - Working Paper Series ; G-2-12
Sep-2018 島崎, 隆 環境哲学・環境倫理学についてのいくつかの論争点 : 穴見氏の批判を再考する Some points at issue on environmental philosophy/environmental ethics -
Sep-2018 KELLER, Wolfgang; SHIUE, Carol H.; WANG, Xin Capital Markets and Grain Prices: Assessing the Storage Cost Approach - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-74
Sep-2018 荒井, 耕 病院経営医療法人の財務的な健全性に関する実態分析 : 多角経営類型に着目して - Working paper ; No. 147
Sep-2018 江夏, 幾多郎 これからの人事ポリシーとその機能性 HR Policies in Japanese Firms Working paper ; No. 225
Sep-2018 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者の在任期間と目標利益達成を意図した利益調整 Top Executive Tenure and Earnings Management to Meet Earnings Target Working paper ; No. 197
Sep-2018 MARTÍNEZ-RUIZ, Elena; NOGUES-MARCO, Pilar The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Stability During the Gold Standard. Spain 1874—1914 - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-75
Sep-2018 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者交代と利益調整による利益ベンチマーク達成 Top Executive Turnover and Benchmark Beating through Earnings Management Working paper ; No. 216
25-Aug-2018 TANAKA, Daiki Moderators that Accelerate Competency Development from Challenging Work Experiences - -
25-Aug-2018 KATSUMURA, Fumiaki A Moderated Mediation Model of Authoritarian Leadership and Employee’s Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Role of Job Satisfaction and Interdependent Self-Construal - -
14-Aug-2018 MIURA, Motoki Re-examining Austin’s Command Theory - -
Aug-2018 荒井, 耕 医療・介護多角経営時代の損益実態と経営管理(5) : 多角経営時代における医療法人の管理会計実態 - -
Aug-2018 Sakamoto, Norihito Equity Criteria Based on the Dominance Principle and Individual Preferences: Refinements of the Consensus Approach - RCNE Discussion Paper Series ; No. 5
Aug-2018 Iwasaki, Ichiro; Kočenda, Evžen Survival of Service Firms in European Emerging Economies - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2018-7
Aug-2018 Kočenda, Evžen; Iwasaki, Ichiro Bank Survival in European Emerging Markets - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 675


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