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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
31-Mar-1997 木崎, 喜代治 [Auger], Memoires pour servir...の編者について On the Author of Memoires pour servir a l'histoire du droit public de la France, etc. 1779 -
1-Aug-1938 入江, 傳 [カイ]劃に就いて - -
1-Mar-1960 西, 順蔵 [ケイ]康たちの思想 On the Thoughts of Chi K'ang and His Contemporarie -
31-Mar-2010 Omomo, Toko A lesson for English Boys during the Pre-war Era : Baden-Poewll's Joyous Venture and Kipling's Return to England - -
7-May-2014 Yamamoto, Yohei A Modified Confidence Set for the Structural Break Date in Linear Regression Models - Discussion papers ; No. 2014-08
12-Jan-1996 松島, 斉 A-Mメカニズム・デザインの合理性 Rationality in Abreu-Matsushima Mechanisms -
1-Jul-1962 神田, 祐一 A. E. Maxwell, Analysing Qualitative Data, London, 1961 - -
15-Jan-1959 松川, 七郎 A. F. Luederの統計学批判について On A.F. Lueder's Condemnation of Statistics -
15-Nov-1972 富原, 芳彰 A. L. French : Shakespeare and the Critics - -
22-Jul-1976 浅沼, 萬里 A. Michael Spence, Market Signaling : Informational Transfer in Hiring and Related Screening Processes - -
10-Mar-1976 増谷, 外世嗣 A. Norman Jeffares : A COMMENTARY ON THE COLLECTED POEMS OF W. B. YEATS/A. Norman Jeffares and A. S. Knowland : A COMMENTARY ON THE COLLECTED PLAYS OF W. B. YEATS - -
1-May-1983 土肥, 恒之 A. Sydorenko. The Kieva Academy in the Seventeenth Century (Ottawa, 1977) 194 p. O. Subtelny. The Mazepists. Ukrainian Separatism in the Early Eighteenth Century (New York, 1981) 280 p. - -
10-Apr-1954 岡, 稔 A. バーグソン「ソヴェト・經濟の成長」 Bergson, A.: Soviet Economic Growth -
29-Jan-1976 原, 洋之介 A.C. Kelley and J.G. Williamson, Lessons from Japanese Development : An Analytical Economic History - -
1-Feb-1960 飯野, 利夫 A.C.Littleton : Structure of Accounting Theory, Illinois, 1953 Notes on Standard Books : -A. C. Littleton : Structure of Accounting Theory, Illinois, 1953 -
Mar-2015 坂内, 徳明 A.F.マイエルベルクのロシア見聞録・スケッチ画帖について The Album of Sketches of Russian Daily Life in the late 17th Century, drawn by Painters who accompanied the Mission of A. F. Meyerberg who wrote The Record of my Journey in Russia Inter in Moschoviam... on the Mission sent by the Holy Roman Empire -
17-Jan-1977 和田, 重司 A.S.Skinner & T.Wilson, ed.,Essays on Adam Smithに寄せて A Review Article on Essays on Adam Smith (edited by A.S. Skinner and T. Wilson) -
30-Oct-1968 松川, 七郎 A.Smithのドイツへの導入 ‐その初期における若干の事例 The Introduction of A. Smith into Germany-Some Instances ‐in its Earlier Period -
31-Jul-2012 西林, 勝吾 A.V.Kneeseの水質管理論 : 水資源管理に関する経済学的試論 - -
15-Oct-1959 松川, 七郎 A.YarrantonとW.Petty A. Yarranton and W. Petty -
27-Mar-1957 坂本, 重雄 A.コックス「労仂協約上の権利」 - -
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