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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
1-Apr-1949 鈴木, 秀勇 A・ファーガスンのみた歴史と人間の自然的性質 - -
1-Jan-1965 田中, 宏 A・フォイヤーワーカー著『中国の初期工業化 : 盛宣懐(1844-1916)と官僚企業』 Albert Feuerwerker : China's Early Industrialization, Sheng Hsuan-huai (1844-1916) and Mandarin Enterprise, Harvard Univeristy Press, 1958 -
30-Apr-1964 篠原, 三代平 A・メイゼルス『工業成長と世界貿易』 A. Maizels, Industrial Growth and World Trade -
30-Apr-1955 逸見, 謙三 B. トーマス「移民と經濟成長」 Thomas Brinley: Migration and Economic Growth -
1-May-1964 石, 弘光 B.Hansenの財政理論 : その基本的性格とマクロモデルについて B. Hansen's Theory of Fiscal Policy -Its Fundamental Character and Macro-Model -
Dec-1986 山﨑, 耕一 B.バレールの「モンテスキュー頌」 Sur trois "éloges de Montesquieu" par Barère -
Jan-1987 山﨑, 耕一 B.バレールの「モンテスキュー頌」(承前) Sur trois "éloges de Montesquieu" par Barère (suite) -
30-Apr-1960 石川, 滋 B.ヒギンス『経済開発 ‐諸原理,諸問題および諸政策』 B. Higgins, Economic Development, Principles, Problems, and Policies -
Oct-2015 ISHIKAWA, Jota; TARUI, Nori Backfiring with backhaul problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-12
Oct-2017 ISHIKAWA, Jota; TARUI, Norio Backfiring with Backhaul Problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-57
Jun-2003 Park, Se-Hark Bad Loans and Their Impacts on the Japanese Economy: Conceptual And Practical Issues, and Policy Options - Discussion paper series. A ; No. a439
Apr-2014 Takami, Norikazu Baffling Inflation: Cost-push Inflation Theories in the Late 1950s United States - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 604
15-Oct-2001 清水, 学 Bakhtior A. Islamov, The Central Asian States Ten Years After―How to Overcome Traps of Development, Transformation and Globalisation? - -
Aug-1959 Baba, Keinosuke Balance of Trade and Economic Growth in Japan - -
Dec-2007 TAKAHAMA, Ai; TANAKA, Tomoko A Balance of Tripod Model about Satisfaction Changing Patterns for Short-term Intemational Students from/to Japan that Focused on Involvement in Host Societies - -
Jul-2007 TAKAHAMA, Ai; TANAKA, Tomoko A balance of tripod model about satisfaction changing patterns for short-term international students from/to Japan that focused on involvement in host societies - -
Oct-2003 Takayama, Noriyuki A Balance Sheet Approach to Reforming Social Security Pensions in Japan: Is NDC the Answer? - Discussion Paper ; No. 178
Oct-2004 Takayama, Noriyuki The Balance Sheet of Social Security Pensions in Japan - Discussion Paper ; No. 235
Sep-1961 Ohkawa, Kazushi Balanced Growth and the Problem of Agriculture -with special reference to Asian peasant economy- - -
Mar-2013 太田, 浩; 太田, 恵 Balanced Scorecard の概要と大学における活用事例、及びその課題と国際化評価への応用の可能性 - -
Mar-2013 太田, 浩; 長澤, 誠 Balanced Scorecard の大学における活用に関する文献解題 - -
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