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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
1-Aug-1983 岡, 眞人 B・ウェッブのR・H・トーニーあて書簡(一九四二年六月二日付) A Letter of Beatrice Webb to R. H. Tawney dated June 2, 1942 with an Introduction to the Newly discovered Material -
30-Jul-1964 中野, 雄策 B・ダダヤン『社会主義再生産の経済数学的モデル構成』 Б. Дадаян, Экономико-математицеское моделирование социалистичского воспроизводства -
31-Mar-1983 Yagi, Kiichiro; Bohm-Bawerk, Eugen von; Menger, Carl Böhm-Bawerk's first interest theory, with C.Menger - Böhm-Bawerk correspondence 1884-85 - -
13-Jan-1984 福井, 清一 C. J. ブリス・N. H. スターン『ペランプール:インドの農村経済』 C. J. Bliss and N. H. Stern, Palanpur:The Economy of an Indian Village -
15-Jul-1991 神門, 善久 C. L. J. Van der Meer and Saburo Yamada, Japanese Agriculture : A Comparative Economic Analysis - -
15-Apr-1986 津田, 内匠 C. ボルド・J. モランジュ編『経済学者および行政官としてのチュルゴ』 Christian Bordes et Jean Morange, éd., Turgot, Économiste et Administrateur -
15-Jan-1966 松川, 七郎 C.ヒル氏の近著とそれについての論争 Mr. C. Hill's Recent Work and Debates with Dr. H.F. Kearney -
Mar-1964 Fuhara, Yoshiaki The Caesar Kidan -The Earliest Japanese Translation of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Its Performance- - -
10-Mar-1978 鈴木, 道彦 Cahiers Marcel Proust 8 : Le Carnet de 1908, etabli et presente par Philip Kolb Cahiers Marcel Proust 8 : Le Carnet de 1908, etabli et presente par Philip Kolb(1976, Gallimard) -
Mar-2006 Kato, Hiroshi; Iwasaki, Erina Cairo and Alexandria at the Beginning of the 20th Century : An Analysis Based on Population and Education Censuses for 1907/8 - 地中海論集
Jul-2006 李, 麦収 CalPERSのガバナンス行動に関する考察 Study about Corporate governance action of CalPERS -
25-Jan-2004 本多, 俊毅 Campbell J. Y. and L. M. Viceira, Strategic Asset Allocation : Portfolio Choics for Long‐Term Investors - -
Jun-2003 Lee, Tsun-Siou; Yeh, Yin-Hua; Liu, Rong-Tze Can Corporate Governance Variables Enhance the Prediction Power of Accounting-Based Financial Distress Prediction Models? - CEI Working Paper Series ; No. 2003-14
Nov-2016 Kuboniwa, Masaaki Can Russia's Military Expansion be Impossible Mission Force for its V-Shaped Growth Recovery under Declining Oil Prices? - RRC Working Paper Series ; No. 64
Sep-2001 Hanazaki, Masaharu; Horiuchi, Akiyoshi Can the Financial Restraint Hypothesis Explain Japan's Postwar Experience? - CEI Working Paper Series ; No. 2001-12
Nov-2014 Iwamura, Mitsuru; Kitamura, Yukinobu; Matsumoto, Tsutomu; Saito, Kenji Can We Stabilize the Price of a Cryptocurrency?: Understanding the Design of Bitcoin and Its Potential to Compete with Central Bank Money - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 617
25-Apr-2016 MAGADLELA, Dumisani Can You Teach a Lion to Roar? Selected African Skills Development and Capacity Building Perspectives: Breaking Down Old Paradigms and Creating New Opportunities - IIR Working Paper ; No. 16-03
Sep-2005 Tamagno, Edward The Canadian Pension System - Discussion Paper ; No. 278
13-Oct-1978 津田, 内匠 Cantillonの手稿本"Essai"について Note on a Copy in Manuscript of Cantillon's "Essai" -
Feb-2002 Nussbaum, Martha C. Capabilities as Fundamental Entitlements: Sen and Social Justice - Discussion Paper ; No. 56
Jun-2010 Takeda, Yoko; Aoshima, Yaichi; Nobeoka, Kentaro Capabilities of technology utilization and technology integration : Impact of 3D technologies on product development process and performance - IIR Working Paper ; No. 10-02
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