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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Dec-1995 Noble, Trevor The Nuclear Family and Postmodern Theory - -
Aug-2001 Ishimura, Naoyuki; Imai, Hitoshi; Takeuchi, Toshiki; Shanta, Shewli Shamim; Aiki, Toyohiko Numerical computation of Lyapunov exponents related to attractors in a free boundary problem - -
1-Apr-1965 米川, 伸一 N・S・B・グラース : 経営史学の創始者 Norman Scott Brien Gras -
1-Jun-1970 加藤, 二郎 O du mein Osterreich : オーストリア的なもの O du mein Osterreich -
31-Mar-1961 橋本, 仁蔵 o-,m-,p-,アニシジンのボルタメトリーおよびその分析化学的応用 Voltametry of o-, m- and p-anisidine and its analytical application -
15-Oct-1997 Asako, Kazumi; Kanoh, Satoru Objectives of Japanese Monetary Policy―Estimation by the Time‐Varying Logit Model― - -
Mar-2009 Veneziani, Roberto; Yoshihara, Naoki Objectivist versus Subjectivist Approaches to the Marxian Theory of Exploitation - Discussion paper series. A ; No. a514
Feb-1966 Arndt, H.W. Observations on the Prospects for Japanese-Australian Trade - -
Jun-1979 Nakagawa, Manabu Occupancy of Deserted Farming Plots by Ke-hu under the Tang Dynasty - -
Jul-1995 Noble, Trevor Occupational Mobility and Social Change in Britain - -
31-Mar-1965 菊池, 亘 Ode on a Grecian Urn および To Autumn についての補説 - -
Sep-1971 Yamakawa, Kikuo OE p r And hw r-A Study of Where Developing in the Subordinating Function (I) - -
31-May-2017 植竹, 哲也 OECD諸国の農業環境政策の比較分析 : リファレンス・レベルと費用負担 - -
Oct-1951 Takahashi, Taizo Of the Logical Character of the Monetary Economy - -
Oct-1983 Miyakawa, Tadao Office Automation in the Settings of Japanese Companies - -
Aug-1992 Takeuchi, Keiichi Official and Popular Approaches to Water Resources in Japan : The Failures of an Applied Geography - -
29-Sep-2008 KAWADA, Hideki OK Baji as an Exemplar of Phronetic Leadership - -
Dec-2002 Narayama, Suresh Old Age Support for Private Sector Employees in Malaysia: Can the Employees Provident Fund Do Better? - -
Mar-2002 Vylitova, Marketa Old-Age Pension System and Its Place in the Czech Welfare State - Discussion Paper ; No. 62
15-Oct-1993 今津, 健治 Olive Checkland, Britain's Encounter with Meiji Japan, 1868-1912 - -
13-Oct-1978 吉川, 智教 Oliver E. Williamson, Markets and Hierarchies : Analysis and Antitrust Implication. A Study in the Economics of Internal Organization - -
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