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048巻6号 (1962.12) : [9]

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
1-Dec-1962 伊藤, 善市 地域開発と社会的福祉 Regional Development and Social Welfare -
1-Dec-1962 松田, 芳郎 水野正一著『日本の物価変動』 Syoichi Mizuno, Price Fluctuations in Japan -
1-Dec-1962 山田, 良治 発展過程の成長金融と通貨需給 Demand & Supply for Money and the Financing for the Economic Growth in Developing Countries -
1-Dec-1962 西川, 元彦 わが国の景気循環と金融形態 : 日本経済と経済観 Morphologic Characteristics of Business Cycle and Financial System in Japan -
1-Dec-1962 山澤, 逸平 経済企画庁経済研究所編『輸出入の変動要因の分析』 An Analysis of the Causes of Fluctuatios in Exports and Imports, Economic Research Institute,Economic Planning Agency in Japan -
1-Dec-1962 坂本, 二郎 日本経済の再評価 : 国際比較分析第二部 Reappraisal of the Japanese Economy -A Comparative Analysis Part II -
1-Dec-1962 江見, 康一 明治の経済発展と教育投資 Economic Development and Investment in Education in Meiji Era -
1-Dec-1962 麻田, 四郎 小島清著『世界経済と日本貿易』 Kiyoshi Kojima, The World Economy and Japan's Trade, Tokyo, 1962 -
1-Dec-1962 相原, 光 戦後の日本貿易と交易条件 The Role of Terms of Trade in Japanese Post-war Foreign Trade -


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