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039巻6号 (1958.6) : [10]

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
1-Jun-1958 磯部, 浩一 ネマーズ著『ホブソンと過少消費』 Erwin Esser Nemmers, Hobson and Underconsumption, 1956 -
1-Jun-1958 - 一橋論叢第三十九巻総目次 - -
1-Jun-1958 増谷, 外世嗣 D・H・ローレンスの詩の系譜 The Genealogy of D. H. Lawrence's Poetry -
1-Jun-1958 松元, 亘 証券取引法第一八九条の研究 Insider Trading under the Securities and Exchanges Law -
1-Jun-1958 宮川, 公男 Introduction to Operations Research C. West Churchmann, Russell L.. Ackoff, and E.. Leonard Arnoff, 1957 Introduction to Operations Research C. West Churchmann, Russell L. Ackoff, and E. Leonard Arnoff, 1957 -
1-Jun-1958 藤末, 宏 数学雑題 Several Mathematical Problems -
1-Jun-1958 清水, 嘉治 E・E・ネマーズの『ホブソンと過少消費』の若干の問題について On the Some Problems of E. E. Nemmers' "Hobson and Underconsumption" -
1-Jun-1958 先崎, 久雄 ナラシマム著『インドの短期計画模型』 A Short Term Planning Model for India, by N. V. A. Narasimham, 1956 -
1-Jun-1958 米川, 伸一 イギリス地方史協会の紹介 Norfork and Norwich archaeological society -
1-Jun-1958 馬場, 啓之助 社会科学としての近代経済学 Modern Economics as a Social Science -


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