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Jan-2020 Masuda, Kazuya; Yudhistira, Muhammad Halley Does education secularize the Islamic population? The effect of years of schooling on religiosity, voting, and pluralism in Indonesia - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-11
Oct-2019 Tokunaga, Masahiro Regime Change and Environmental Reform: A Systematic Review of Research on Central and Eastern Europe - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-10
Oct-2019 Kim, Duol; Park, Heejin A Consequence of Coerced Free Trade: Biological Living Standards of Korea during the Port-Opening Period, 1876-1910 - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-9
Sep-2019 Iwasaki, Ichiro; Tokunaga, Masahiro The Determinants and Macroeconomic Impacts of Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economies - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-8
Sep-2019 Horie, Norio; Kumo, Kazuhiro Socialist Legacies and Human Resource Management in European Transition Economies : An Analytical Survey - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-7
Sep-2019 Iwasaki, Ichiro; Kumo, Kazuhiro Determinants of Regional Fertility in Russia : A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-6
Aug-2019 Iizuka, Toshiaki; Shigeoka, Hitoshi Free for Children? Patient Cost-sharing and Healthcare Utilization - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-5
Aug-2019 Wu, Harry X. Towards an Institutional Interpretation of TFP Changes in China - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-4
Aug-2019 雲, 和広 中央アジアの人口統計 Population Statistics for the Central Asian States CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-3
Aug-2019 Kumo, Kazuhiro Inter-Regional Population Re-distribution in Soviet Russia Revisited - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-2
Apr-2019 Iwasaki, Ichiro; Ma, Xinxin; Mizobata, Satoshi Corporate Ownership and Managerial Turnover in China and Eastern Europe: A Comparative Meta-Analysis - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-1
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