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Working Paper Series / Understanding Inflation Dynamics of the Japanese Economy : [85]

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No. 1 (Nov. 2006)-No. 77 (Aug. 2011)
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【Continues】Research Center for Price Dynamics Working Paper Series

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
May-2012 Ko, Jun-Hyung; Murase, Koichi The Great Moderation in the Japanese Economy - Working Paper Series ; No. 60
May-2012 Ko, Jun-Hyung; Miyazawa, Kensuke; Tuan, Khai Vu News shocks and Japanese macroeconomic fluctuations - Working Paper Series ; No. 58
Aug-2011 Ishikawa, Atushi; Fujimoto, Shoji; Watanabe, Tsutomu; Mizuno, Takayuki Emergence of power laws with different power-law exponents from reversal quasi-symmetry and Gibrat’s law - Working Paper Series ; No. 77
Aug-2011 Nirei, Makoto Beauty Contests and Fat Tails in Financial Markets - Working Paper Series ; No. 76
Jul-2011 Fujimoto, S.; Ishikawa, A.; Mizuno, T.; Watanabe, Tsutomu A New Method for Measuring Tail Exponents of Firm Size Distributions - Working Paper Series ; No. 75
Jul-2011 神林, 龍 日本における名目賃金の硬直性(1993-2006)擬似パネルデータを用いた接近 - Working Paper Series ; No. 74
May-2011 Cheny, Chih-nan; Watanabe, Tsutomu; Yabu, Tomoyoshi A New Method for Identifying the Effects of Foreign Exchange Interventions - Working Paper Series ; No. 73
Apr-2011 渡辺, 努; 水野, 貴之; 石川, 温; 藤本, 祥二 メガ企業の生産関数の形状:分析手法と応用例 - Working Paper Series ; No. 72
Apr-2011 渡辺, 努; 水野, 貴之; 石川, 温; 藤本, 祥二 メガ企業の生産関数の形状:分析手法と応用例 - Working Paper Series ; No. 72
Apr-2011 Matsuoka, Takayasu Price Rigidity and Market Structure: Evidence from the Japanese Scanner Data - Working Paper Series ; No. 71
Feb-2011 Ito, Arata; Watanabe, Tsutomu; Yabu, Tomoyoshi Fiscal Policy Switching in Japan, the U.S., and the U.K. - Working Paper Series ; No. 70
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