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Discussion paper / Economic Analysis of Intergenerational Issues, PIE : [40]

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No. 288 (Dec. 2006)-no. 327 (Mar. 2007)
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【Continues】Discussion paper / Setting Options for Fair Distribution of Well-being among Different Generations, Project on Intergenerational Equity
【Continued by】PIE/CIS Discussion paper

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
Mar-2007 清水谷, 諭; 稲倉, 典子 公的介護保険制度の運用と保険者財政 : 市町村レベルデータによる検証 - Discussion Paper ; No. 318
Mar-2007 Aoki, Reiko Clearing Houses and Patent Pools: Access to Genetic Patents - Discussion Paper ; No. 325
Mar-2007 Takayama, Noriyuki The Search for More Equitable Pensions Between Generations - Discussion Paper ; No. 324
Mar-2007 加瀬, 和俊 釜石市における漁業 : 経済振興策と家族・共同体・地域 - Discussion Paper ; No. 317
Mar-2007 花岡, 智恵 短期的な景気改善は個人の健康状態を悪化させる - Discussion Paper ; No. 321
Mar-2007 Aoki, Reiko Innovation and Incentives in Japan Focus on pre-Meiji - Discussion Paper ; No. 327
Mar-2007 Aoki, Reiko; Nagaoka, Sadao Formation of a Pool with Essential Patents - Discussion Paper ; No. 326
Mar-2007 Hara, Chiaki; Huang, James; Kuzmics, Christoph Representative Consumer's Risk Aversion and Efficient Risk-Sharing Rules - Discussion Paper ; No. 323
Mar-2007 宮里, 尚三 Marginal Cost of Saving a Lifeの推計と国民医療費 - Discussion Paper ; No. 319
Mar-2007 Ogura, Seiritsu; Senoh, Wataru Stress, Self-Evaluated Health and Health Care Costs of Japanese Workers: Does Psychological Stress Affect Self-Evaluated Health and Health Care Costs? - Discussion Paper ; No. 320
Mar-2007 Hara, Chiaki; Shinotsuka, Tomoichi; Suzumura, Kotaro; Xu, Yongsheng On the Possibility of Continuous, Paretian and Egalitarian Evaluation of Infinite Utility Streams - Discussion Paper ; No. 322
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