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No. 328 (Aug. 2007)-No. 515 (Mar. 2011)
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【Continues】Discussion paper / Economic Analysis of Intergenerational Issues, Project on Intergenerational Equity
【Continued by】CIS Discussion paper series

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
Mar-2011 Kobayashi, Keiichiro The Diamond-Rajan Bank Runs in a Production Economy - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 515
Mar-2011 Finkelstein, Tamara; Perkins, Joe Public Service Pension Reform in the United Kingdom - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 512
Mar-2011 Hamaaki, Junya; Hori, Masahiro; Maeda, Saeko; Murata, Keiko Changes in the Japanese Employment System in the Two Lost Decades - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 511
Mar-2011 Oshio, Takashi; Urakawa, Kunio Sense of coherence as a mediator between perceived neighborhood characteristics and health - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 513
Mar-2011 Kuroda, Sachiko; Yamamoto, Isamu What determines work hours?: who you work with or where you work? - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 514
Mar-2011 Genda, Yuji; Kuroda, Sachiko; Ohta, Souichi Does downsizing take a toll on retained staff? An analysis of increased working hours during recessions using Japanese micro data - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 510
Feb-2011 Leckie, Stuart H. Civil Service and Military Service Pensions In China - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 505
Feb-2011 Asher, Mukul G Civil Service and Military Pension Reforms in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 504
Feb-2011 Demeny, Paul Population Policy and the Demographic Transition: Performance, Prospects, and Options - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 508
Feb-2011 橘川, 武郎 「低炭素社会」と嶺南地域 - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 506
Feb-2011 Genda, Yuji Where does non-regular employment go? Some evidences from Japan - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 507
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