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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Oct-2017 荒井, 耕 医療法人の事業報告書等を活用した「医療経済実態」把握の有用性 : 既存の公的類似調査の適切な補完 - Working paper ; No. 146
Aug-2017 荒井, 耕 医療法人の事業報告書等を活用した「医療経済実態」把握の有用性 : 既存の公的類似調査の適切な補完 - Working paper ; No. 146
Feb-2015 HARADA, Shumpei; YAMAUCHI, Hirotaka A theoretical study on yardstick competition and franchise bidding based on a dynamic model - Working paper ; No. 144
Sep-2013 HARADA, Shumpei; YAMAUCHI, Hirotaka Yardstick Competition and Franchise Bidding: A Comparative Analysis based on Asymmetric Information - Working paper ; No. 143
Oct-2012 Nemoto, Toshinori The Charging Principle for the Development and Maintenance of Transport Infrastructure - Working paper ; No. 141
Jul-2012 Nakamura, Hisashi; Takaoka, Koichiro A Continuous-Time Optimal Insurance Design with Costly Monitoring - Working paper ; No. 140
Sep-2011 HASHIMOTO, Satoru; YAMAUCHI, Hirotaka A Study of Scale Economies and Price Differential of the City Gas Industry in Japan - Working paper ; No. 138
Apr-2011 Wang, Zhi What Shop Floor Management can Contribute to Strategic Cost Management - Working paper ; No. 136
Jun-2010 YAMAUCHI, Hirotaka; KAMATA, Hiromi An analysis of the diversification strategies of railway companies in Japan - Working paper ; No. 134
Apr-2010 TAKAOKA, Koichiro On the condition of no unbounded profit with bounded risk - Working paper ; No. 131
Mar-2009 釜江, 廣志 戦前地方債市場の構造 Structure of the Local Government Bonds in the Prewar Japan Working paper ; No. 124


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