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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Dec-2017 KANG, Byeongwoo; RANNIKKO, Heikki; TORNIKOSKI, Erno T. How a laid-off employee becomes an entrepreneur: The case of Nokia’s Bridge program - IIR Working Paper ; No. 17-15
Aug-2017 SHIMIZU, Hiroshi; WAKUTSU, Naohiko Spin-Outs and Patterns of Subsequent Innovation: Technological Development of Laser Diodes in the US and Japan - IIR Working Paper ; No. 17-14
Apr-2017 原, 泰史; 吉岡(小林), 徹; 蘆澤, 雄亮 グッドデザイン賞の研究用データベースの概要とその利用 Measuring design innovations by design awards: An overview of Good Design Award (Japan) database IIR Working Paper ; No. 17-05
Feb-2017 山口, 翔太郎; 金, 東勲 「記録」に残されない「記憶」を探る:イノベーション研究のためのオーラル・ヒストリー Exploring Memories from Narrative: Methodology of Oral History for Innovation Research IIR Working Paper ; No. 17-02
Feb-2017 OKADA, Yoshimi; NAITO, Yusuke; NAGAOKA, Sadao Impact of Patent Scope on subsequent Inventions: Findings from a new Measure - IIR Working Paper ; No. 17-03
Dec-2016 MALEN, Joel; YAMANOI, Junichi Environmental regulation and international expansion of MNEs : The moderating role of pollution reduction resources and firm multinationality on location choice - IIR Working paper ; No. 16-13
Oct-2016 DANG, Jianwei; KANG, Byeongwoo; DING, Ke Landscape of standard essential patents : The case of East Asian countries - IIR Working paper ; No. 16-12
Aug-2016 西口, 敏宏; 小口, 覺 現代のオーラルヒストリー : 日産自動車の生え抜き史上最も若くして常務となった遠藤淳一氏が語る、ゴーン改革とクロスファンクショナルチーム(CFT)の威力 Today's Oral History : Ghosn Reforms and the Power of CFTs as Explained by Mr. Jun-ichi Endo Who Became the Second Youngest Managing Director from within in Nissan's History IIR Working paper ; No. 16-08
Aug-2016 WAN, Jiangyun(Yunyun) Reverse payments and generic entry competition - IIR Working Paper ; No. 16-09
Aug-2016 MURATA, Yasusada; NAKAJIMA, Ryo; TAMURA, Ryuichi Testing for localization: A new approach - IIR Working Paper ; No. 16-11
Jul-2016 MIYAGIWA, Kaz; WAN, Jiangyun(Yunyun) Pharmaceutical Patents and Generic Entry Competition: A New View on the Hatch-Waxman Act - IIR Working Paper ; No. 15-18


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