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 No. 1 (May 2005)-no. 205 (Aug. 2016)
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 【Continued by】Working Paper Series / Management Innovation Research Center

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Sep-2018 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者の在任期間と目標利益達成を意図した利益調整 Top Executive Tenure and Earnings Management to Meet Earnings Target Working paper ; No. 197
Aug-2016 河内山, 拓磨; 石田, 惣平 日本企業における経営者能力の測定 : Managerial Ability Scoreの応用とその妥当性 Measuring Managers' Ability in Japanese Firms: Application and Evaluation of Managerial Ability Score Working paper ; No. 205
Aug-2016 金, 鐘勲 IFRS任意適用の公表に対する株式市場の反応 : 企業間の差異を中心に Stock Market Reaction to the Announcement of Voluntary Adoption of IFRS: The Existence of Cross-sectional Heterogeneity Working paper ; No. 204
Jun-2016 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者の在職期間と業績予想 Top Executive Tenure and Earnings Forecasts Working paper ; No. 203
Jan-2016 金, 鐘勲 K-IFRSを自発的に適用した韓国企業の特性 The Characteristics of Korean Firms that Voluntarily Adopted K-IFRS Working paper ; No. 202
Oct-2015 兒玉, 公一郎 ビジネス・システムの自己革新 : トリガーとしての企業家の役割とその内部伝播メカニズムの探求 Self-Renewal of a Business System: Inquiring the Trigger Role of Entrepreneur and Internal Diffusion Mechanism Working paper ; No. 200
Aug-2015 渡辺, 周 強い監視による看過の増幅 : コミットメント・エスカレーションに役員が与える影響 The Escalation of Commitment Follows Monitoring: Dysfunctional Effects of Increasing Outside Directors on the Recognition of Bad Loans Working paper ; No. 190
Aug-2015 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者の在職期間と投資の効率性 Top Executive Tenure and Investment Efficiency Working paper ; No. 199
May-2015 高橋, 大樹 技術革新研究における環境適応観と淘汰観 Two different perspectives in innovation research Working paper ; No. 195
May-2015 石田, 惣平 会計保守主義と雇用調整の下方硬直性 Accounting Conservatism and Employment Adjustment Stickiness Working paper ; No. 196
Jan-2015 SAKURAKI, Rie Organizational Inertia and Excessive Product Proliferation - Working paper ; No. 189
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