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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Nov-2018 HONDA, Toshio The de-biased group Lasso estimation for varying coefficient models - Discussion papers ; No. 2018-04
May-2018 PERRON, Pierre; YAMAMOTO, Yohei Testing for Changes in Forecasting Performance - Discussion papers ; No. 2018-03
Mar-2018 南, 裕子 「恵農政策」下の中国共産党の農村ガバナンス : 基層党組織の実務の現状から Governance capacity of Chinese Communist Party in rural area: Changing functions of village party branches under the new rural policies Discussion papers ; No. 2018-02
Feb-2018 SHIMIZU, Chihiro; NAKAGAWA, Masayuki Aging and House Prices: The Impact of Aging Housing Stock to Housing Market in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area - Discussion papers ; No. 2018-01
Sep-2017 KUROZUMI, Eiji Confidence Sets for the Date of a Mean Shift at the End of a Sample - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-06
Aug-2017 SAITO, Makoto Central bank notes and black markets: the case of the Japanese economy during and immediately after World War II - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-01
Aug-2017 JIANG, Peiyun; KUROZUMI, Eiji Power Properties of the Modified CUSUM Tests - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-05
Apr-2017 HONDA, Toshio; ING, Ching-Kang; WU, Wei-Ying Adaptively weighted group Lasso for semiparametric quantile regression models - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-04
21-Feb-2017 YANAGI, Takahide Inference on Local Average Treatment Effects for Misclassified Treatment - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-02
Feb-2017 SAITO, Makoto On wartime money finance in the Japanese occupied territories during the Pacific War: The case of instant reserve banks as bad central banks - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-03
Jan-2017 HONDA, Toshio; YABE, Ryota Variable selection and structure identification for varying coefficient Cox models - Discussion papers ; No. 2016-05


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