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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
Jan-2014 Mizuno, Takayuki; Souma, Wataru; Watanabe, Tsutomu The Structure and Evolution of Buyer-Supplier Networks - IFN Working Paper ; No. 27
Mar-2013 Uchida, Hirofumi; Miyakawa, Daisuke; Hosono, Kaoru; Ono, Arito; Uchino, Taisuke; Uesugi, Iichiro Natural Disaster and Natural Selection - IFN Working Paper ; No. 25
Feb-2013 Ono, Arito; Uchida, Hirofumi; Udell, Gregory; Uesugi, Iichiro A Close Look at Loan-To-Value Ratios: Evidence from the Japanese Real Estate Market - IFN Working Paper ; No. 19
Jan-2013 Nishimura, Junichi; Okamuro, Hiroyuki Knowledge and rent spillovers through government-sponsored R&D consortia - IFN Working Paper ; No. 24
Dec-2012 Hazama, Makoto; Uesugi, Iichiro Measuring the Systemic Risk in Interfirm Transaction Networks - IFN Working Paper ; No. 20
Dec-2012 Okamuro, Hiroyuki; Ikeuchi, Kenta Determinants of business and financial network formation by Japanese start-up firms: Does founder’s human capital matter? - IFN Working Paper ; No. 21
Dec-2012 Hasumi, Ryo; Hirata, Hideaki; Ono, Arito Differentiated Use of Small Business Credit Scoring by Relationship Lenders and Transactional Lenders: Evidence from Firm-Bank Matched Data in Japan - IFN Working Paper ; No. 23
Dec-2012 Nishimura, Junichi; Okamuro, Hiroyuki Subsidy and networking: The effects of direct and indirect support programs of the cluster policy - IFN Working Paper ; No. 22
Oct-2012 Hosono, Kaoru; Miyakawa, Daisuke; Uchino, Taisuke; Hazama, Makoto; Ono, Arito; Uchida, Hirofumi; Uesugi, Iichiro Natural Disasters, Damage to Banks, and Firm Investment - IFN Working Paper ; No. 18
Mar-2012 Nakajima, Kentaro; Saito, Yukiko Umeno; Uesugi, Iichiro The Localization of Interfirm Transaction Relationships and Industry Agglomeration - IFN Working Paper ; No. 17
Jan-2012 植杉, 威一郎; 内田, 浩史; 内野, 泰助; 小野, 有人; 間, 真実; 細野, 薫; 宮川, 大介 大震災と企業行動のダイナミクス - IFN Working Paper ; No. 16
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