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No. 1 (Oct. 2012)-

アイテム表示: 16-26 / 30.

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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Mar-2016 YASUDA, Yukihiro Impacts of Deregulation on Property and Casualty Insurers' Pricing and Risk Taking: Empirical Evidence in Japan - Working Paper Series ; No. G-1-10
24-Aug-2015 吉田, 隆 情報の非対称性とレバレッジ - Working Paper Series ; No. G-2-6
24-Aug-2015 吉田, 隆 2000年代における我が国上場企業のレバレッジの推移とマクロ経済環境 - Working Paper Series ; No. G-2-5
17-May-2015 Takamizawa, Hideyuki Impact of No-arbitrage on Interest Rate Dynamics - Working Paper Series ; No. G-1-5
8-May-2015 Takamizawa, Hideyuki Predicting Interest Rate Volatility: Using Information on the Yield Curve - Working Paper Series ; No. G-1-9
12-Apr-2015 小川, 英治 基軸通貨ドル国際通貨体制下における地域通貨建て貿易決済 Local Currency Trade Settlement under the International Monetary System with the US Dollar as a Key Currency Working Paper Series ; No. G-2-4
Sep-2014 近藤, 隆則; 白須, 洋子; 三隅, 隆司 消費者から見た銀行窓販:サーベイ調査による窓販ユーザーの特性分析 WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE PURCHASE FINANCIAL PRODUCTS AT BANK ? : SURVEY ANALYSIS ON CHARACTERISTICS OF BANK USERS Working Paper Series ; No. G-2-3
May-2014 OGAWA, Eiji; WANG, Zhiqian How Did the Global Financial Crisis Misalign East Asian Currencies? - Working Paper Series ; No. G-1-8
12-Mar-2014 Misumi, Takashi; Nakamura, Hisashi; Takaoka, Koichiro Moral-Hazard Premium - Working Paper Series ; No. G-1-7
Sep-2013 Lin, Karen Lai Kai; Konishi, Masaru Capital requirements, bank behavior and fair value accounting: Evidence from Japanese commercial banks - Working Paper Series ; No. G-1-6
Jun-2013 奥山, 英司; 小西, 大; 安田, 行宏 銀行による保険窓販実績の決定要因に関する分析 - Working Paper Series ; No. G-2-2
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