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Discussion paper series / Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study, Hitotsubashi University : [63]



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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Jan-2018 SEGERSTROM, Paul S.; SUGITA, Yoichi A Solution to the Melitz-Trefler Puzzle - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-63
Dec-2017 SUGITA, Yoichi A Matching Theory of Global Supply Chains - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-62
Dec-2017 NAKADA, Satoshi; NITZAN, Shmuel; UI, Takashi Robust Voting under Uncertainty - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-60
Dec-2017 BEN-YASHAR, Ruth; NITZAN, Shmuel A Note on the Possible Advantage of Size Flexibility in Committees - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-61
Nov-2017 BEN-YASHAR, Ruth; KRAUSZ, Miriam; NITZAN, Shmuel The Effect of Democratic Decision Making on Investment in Reputation - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-59
Oct-2017 EO, Yunjong; LIE, Denny The Role of Inflation Target Adjustment in Stabilization Policy - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-58
Oct-2017 ISHIKAWA, Jota; TARUI, Norio Backfiring with Backhaul Problems: Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-57
Oct-2017 ISHIKAWA, Jota; MORITA, Hodaka; MUKUNOKI, Hiroshi Parallel Imports and Repair Services - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-56
Oct-2017 SUZUKI, Aya; MANO, Yukichi; ABEBE, Girum Earnings, Savings, and Job Satisfaction in a Labor-intensive Export Sector: Evidence from the Cut Flower Industry in Ethiopia - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-55
Sep-2017 MANO, Yukichi Y.; TAKAHASHI, Kazushi; OTSUKA, Keijiro Contract Farming, Farm Mechanization, and Agricultural intensification: The Case of Rice Farming in Cote d’Ivoire - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-54
Sep-2017 KOGURE, Katsuo Some Remarks on the Causal Inference for Historical Persistence - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-44


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