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06号 (2015) : [22]

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
30-Jul-2015 五味, 政信 巻頭言 Preface -
30-Jul-2015 - 教員活動報告 Faculty Research Activities & Publications -
30-Jul-2015 朴, 恵美 ピア・レスポンス活動における質問の機能 Functions that questions perform in peer response activities -
30-Jul-2015 - 日本語教育部門 Japanese Language Teaching -
30-Jul-2015 喬, 曉筠 台湾人日本語学習者のビジネス会話に見られる特徴―日本語母語話者の評価から― Features observed in Taiwanese learners’ spoken Japanese in business settings: An evaluation by native speakers of Japanese -
30-Jul-2015 庵, 功雄 「やさしい日本語」研究が日本語母語話者にとって持つ意義―「やさしい日本語」は外国人のためだけのものではない― What does “Yasashii Nihongo” mean for the native speakers of Japanese? “Yasashii Nihongo” is not only for foreigners -
30-Jul-2015 - 国際交流科目部門 Global Education Courses -
30-Jul-2015 田, 昊 中国語における「けど」類で終わる「言いさし」の扱い方 A Study of Unfinished Sentences Ending with kedo (Iisashi-kedo) in Mandarin Chinese -
30-Jul-2015 - 国際教育センター関連行事 Center for Global Education Schedules -
30-Jul-2015 布施, 悠子 母語話者日本語教師不安尺度の開発-新しい教材を教える場面に着目して- Development of an Anxiety Scale for Native Japanese Language Teachers: Focused on Teaching a New Text -
30-Jul-2015 二宮, 理佳 複数回口頭発表と自己内省活動の効果—自己調整学習理論からの分析— Effects of making a presentation twice followed by reflection: An analysis based on self-regulated learning theory -
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