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Mar-2020 加島, 遼平; 加藤, 真紀 短期留学が大学卒業後の初職属性に与える影響 :ランダム割当データを用いた分析 Short-term Study Abroad Effect on Students’ First Job Characters: Evidence from Random Assignment Data by a Japanese University Working Paper Series ; No. WP2019-05
Sep-2019 宮崎, 早季; 加藤, 真紀 日米大学の人文社会系カリキュラム比較 Comparison of Humanities and Social Science Curriculum Between Japan and the United States Working Paper Series ; No. WP2019-04
Sep-2019 加藤, 真紀 キャリア形成に与える留学効果の検証 Effects of study abroad on the career: The case of graduates from a Japanese university Working Paper Series ; No. WP2019-03
Sep-2019 加藤, 真紀; 柳楽, 明伸 専門・汎用コンピテンスと読書習慣が日本の大卒者の所得に与える影響 The effects of competencies and reading habits on the income of graduates majored in social sciences and humanity in a Japanese university Working Paper Series ; No. WP2019-02
Sep-2019 加藤, 真紀 専門・汎用コンピテンスの習得と読書習慣の形成に影響を与える大学教育や活動 The effect of university education on acquiring competencies and reading habits; The case of Japanese students majoring social sciences Working Paper Series ; No. WP2019-01
Jun-2018 加藤, 真紀; 河野, 銀子 STEM分野の人材多様化: 女性留学生が日米大学院の女性学生比率に与える影響 Diversification of STEM fields: the impact of female international graduate students in Japan and the United States Working Paper Series ; No. WP2018-01
Mar-2018 加藤, 真紀 学生の汎用コンピテンス習得度認識に与える専門教育と教員認識の影響 Student's Acquisition of Generic Competencies in Higher Education: The Effect of Field-Specific Education and Teacher Recognition Working Paper Series ; No. WP2017-06
Mar-2018 喜始, 照宣 大学卒業者の類型と専門コンピテンスの重要度認識との関係性 : 経済学分野を事例として The Relationship between the Types of Graduate and the Importance of Subject-specific Competences: Focusing on the Field of Economics Working Paper Series ; No. WP2017-05
Jun-2017 加藤, 真紀; ツェレンチメド, ガンボルド 経済学カリキュラム科目の重要度と習得度:日本の大学関係者によるコンピテンス認識を通じて Importance and Achievement in University Economic Education through Recognition of Competencies by Various University Stakeholders Working Paper Series ; No. WP2017-03
May-2017 西, あゆみ; 加藤, 真紀 複数の学術領域におけるコンピテンス概念把握の試み Concepts of “Competence” in Multiple Academic Fields Working Paper Series ; No. WP2017-01
May-2017 加藤, 真紀; 鈴木, 賢 短期留学の効果:ランダム割当による留学データを用いた実証分析 The effect of short-term studying abroad on long-term studying abroad: Evidence from the randomly assigned data Working Paper Series ; No. WP2017-02
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