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 No. 206 (Sep. 2016)-
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 【Continues】Working Paper Series / Center for Japanese Business Studies

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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Sep-2017 金, 鐘勲; 古賀, 裕也 IFRSの適用が会計情報の価値関連性と格付関連性に与える影響 The Value and Credit Relevance of IFRS versus J-GAAP Accounting Measures Working paper ; No. 217
Sep-2017 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者交代と利益調整による利益ベンチマーク達成 Top Executive Turnover and Benchmark Beating through Earnings Management Working paper ; No. 216
Jun-2017 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者交代と利益調整による損失回避 Top Executive Turnover and Loss Avoidance through Earnings Management Working paper ; No. 216
Jun-2017 SHIRABE, Yuji Market Overreaction to Bad News and Share Repurchase: Evidence from Japan - Working paper ; No. 215
May-2017 佐々木, 秀綱 交渉研究における認知心理学的アプローチ A Literature Review on Studies about Cognitive Biases of Negotiators Working paper ; No. 214
May-2017 藤谷, 涼佑 会計利益属性のリアル・エフェクト:過大投資・過小投資の抑制 The real effects of accounting earnings attributes: Evidence from Japan Working paper ; No. 213
Apr-2017 金, 鐘勲 K-IFRSの強制適用が情報の非対称性に与える影響 The Effects of Mandatory Adoption of K-IFRS on Information Asymmetry Working paper ; No. 211
Jan-2017 KOCHIYAMA, Takuma; SEKI, Koreyoshi Discretion in the Deferred Tax Valuation Allowance and Its Impact on Firms' Dividend Payouts - Working paper ; No. 209
Oct-2016 KODAMA, Koichiro The Japanese photo shop industry and its adaptive process toward digitization - Working paper ; No. 208
Sep-2016 佐々木, 秀綱 権力と責任の組織心理学 : 社会的勢力感に関する知見の経営学的意義について The Organizational Psychology of Power and Responsibility: A Review for Managerial Implications Working paper ; No. 207
Sep-2016 佐々木, 秀綱 権力と選択 : 社会的勢力感が不確実性下の意思決定に与える影響 Power and Risky Choice: The Effects of Sense of Social Power on Decision under Uncertainty Working paper ; No. 206


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