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Vol. 03, no. 2 (Apr. 1953) : [8]

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
Apr-1953 Nonomura, Kazuo The Development of Wartime Reproduction Theories in Japan - -
Apr-1953 Ohkawa, Kazushi A Note on "Long Term Changes in the National Product of Japan" - -
Apr-1953 Kamei, Takashi Are Japanese Turu and Ito Related to Korean Turumi and Sil Respectively? - -
Apr-1953 Ito, Hanya The Basic Idea of Fiscal Science - -
Apr-1953 Shinohara, Miyohei Real and Money Income Multiplier - -
Apr-1953 Yamaguchi, Shigeru Interrelations between "Ginme"Bar Silver,the Mexican Silver Dollar,and Foreign Exchange Rates during the Early Meiji Era - -
Apr-1953 Muramatsu, Yuji The "Boxers" in 1898-1899,the Origin of the "I-ho-chuan"(義和拳)uprising,1900 - -
Apr-1953 Nakayama, Ichiro Accumulation of Capital in the Japanese Economy - -


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