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1-Jun-1985 大塚, 勝夫 タイ製糸業の近代化 Modernization in Thai Silk Industry -
1900 Fukuda, Tokuzo Die gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Entwickelung in Japan : Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung der Doktorwürde der Staatswirtschaftlichen Fakultät der Königlich Bayerischen Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität zu München 日本における社会的・経済的発展 -
Mar-2001 Saito, Hiromi Florentine Cloth in Damascus - 地中海論集
Mar-2006 Tourk, Khairy Quality Changes in the Factors of Production During the Colonial Period: Effects on Post- Independent Growth Paths in Egypt and S. Korea - 地中海論集
Dec-1979 Sakurai, Masato Some Remarks on the Definition of Japanese Balladry - -
Mar-2004 Fukao, Kyoji; Inui, Tomohiko; Kawai, Hiroki; Miyagawa, Tsutomu Sectoral Productivity and Economic Growth in Japan, 1970-98: An Empirical Analysis Based on the JIP Database - Hi-Stat Discussion paper series ; No. d03-19
Jul-2007 Lee, Hun-Chang The Political Economy of Pre-industrial Trade in Northeast Asia - Hi-Stat Discussion paper series, No. 219
Jan-2007 Yamashita, Nobuaki The Impact of Production Fragmentation on Industry Skill Upgrading: New Evidence from Japanese Manufacturing - Hi-Stat Discussion paper series, No. 202
Oct-2001 Guan, Quan Technological innovations and the patent system in prewar Japan - -
14-Oct-1988 杉浦, 芳夫 絹織物工場における電動機の普及--福井県嶺北地方の例-- Diffusion of Electric Motors among Silk Mills--A Case of Fukui Prefecture-- -

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