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25-Jan-2005 清川, 雪彦 戦前インドにおける近代製糸技術導入の試み―その定着を阻害した要因は何か― Transfers of Modern Silk-Reeling Technology into Pre-Independent India -Reconsideration of the Factors Obstructing Their Accomplishments- -
Mar-2001 鷲崎, 俊太郎 近世末期絹織物業中心地の人口移動分析 : 武州多摩郡八王子横山宿におけるケーススタディ Migration patterns in silk textile production centers in the late Tokugawa period: a case study of the town of Hachioji -
Jun-1987 Kiyokawa, Yukihiko Transplantation of the European Factory System and Adaptations in Japan : The Experience of the Tomioka Model Filature - -
Feb-2006 Saito, Osamu; Settsu, Tokihiko Money, credit and Smithian growth in Tokugawa Japan - Hi-Stat Discussion paper series ; No. d05-139
2017 - Editorial Note - -
Jun-1984 Kiyokawa, Yukihiko The Diffusion of New Technologies in the Japanese Sericulture Industry : The Case of the Hybrid Silkworm - -
1936 Uyeda, Teijiro The recent development of Japanese foreign trade with special reference to restrictive policies of other countries and attempts at trade agreements - Japanese Council papers ; no. 3
14-Apr-2000 神林, 龍 賃金制度と離職行動―明治後期の諏訪地方の製糸の例― Wage System and Turnover -
Mar-2013 Kambayashi, Ryo The Role of Public Employment Services in a Developing Country: The Case of Japan in the Twentieth Century - PRIMCED Discussion Paper Series ; No. 40
Apr-2009 Bernhofen, Daniel M.; Brown, John C. Testing the general validity of the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem: the natural experiment of Japan - Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series ; No. 58

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