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Issue DateAuthorsTitleOtherTitleSeries
Aug-1959 Minoguchi, Tokijiro Increasing Populations and Industrial Structures - -
Mar-2001 Saito, Hiromi Florentine Cloth in Damascus - 地中海論集
Feb-2015 Settsu, Tokihiko Industrial Structure, Prefectural Inequality, and Convergence in Pre-war Japan (1874-1940) - RCESR Discussion Paper Series ; No. DP15-1
Oct-1951 Yamanaka, Tokutaro Japanese Small Industries during the Industrial Revolution - -
Jan-2012 Brandt, Loren; Ma, Debin; Rawski, Thomas G. From Divergence to Convergence: Re-evaluating the History Behind China's Economic Boom - Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series ; No. 217
Feb-1981 Ono, Akira Borrowed Technology in the Iron and Steel Industry : A Comparison between Brazil, India and Japan - -
May-2010 Bassino, Jean-Pascal; Fukao, Kyoji; Paprzycki, Ralph; Settsu, Tokihiko; Yuan, Tangjun Regional Inequality and Industrial Structures in Pre-War Japan : An Analysis Based on New Prefectural GDP Estimates - Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series ; No. 138
Mar-2004 - Index to Volumes I-XVI of Transactions of the Mediterranean Studies Research Group at Hitotsubashi University - 地中海論集
Mar-2004 Nosaka, Hiromi The effects of land price on the quality of capital and maulti-factor productivity - Hi-Stat Discussion paper series ; No. d03-21
Apr-2004 Takahashi, Yoko; Makino, Tatsuji Labor Input Data of the JIP Database - Hi-Stat Discussion paper series ; No. d04-28

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