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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1981 "Nuclear power as a feminist issue"《Environment.》, Nelkin, Dorothy - 1-T-1-06/13
1938-10 The numerical representation of ordered classifications and the concept of utility <<Review of economic studies>>, vol. Samuelson, Paul A. - 1-F1-5-055

Nürnberger Madonna Nürnberg-Fürther Strassenbahn - No.C-12
1970-06-16 Observations on the Economics of Irreplaceable Assets, Prepared for RFF Conference "Research on Environmental Quality: Theoretical and Methodological Studies in the Social Sciences" June 16-18, 1970 Krutilla, John V. - 1-F1-7-039
Observations préliminaires de M. Bergasse ..., sur l'état de finances, publié par M. de Montesquiou, et adopté par l'Assemblée nationale Bergasse, Nicolas, 1750-1832 - 128038320R
Observations sur le Mémoire justificatif de la Cour de Londres / par Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais ... Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de, 1732-1799 - 128038269$
1976 OECD Review meetingの手書きメモ, Environmental policies in Japan, 2nd ed.に関する添削メモ [都留, 重人] - 1-H-05-47
OECDのPPPとその理論的背景 [永井進] - 1-H-03-077
Oekonomische Politik. XI 21. Feb. 99 (1899) 福田, 徳三 - FT11-6
Oekonomische Politik. XII 28 Feb. '99 (1899) 福田, 徳三 - FT11-7
1983-06-29 Oil and the Decline of Manufacturing, House of Lords, Speech Kaldor, Nicholas - 1-F1-7-037/16
1981-09 Okabe, Tatsumi, The China problems and Asia -Its impications for Japan and the U.S. - - 1-T-3-05/03
1998-01 Okinawan dilemmas: Coral islands-Concrete islands McCormack, Gavan - 1-F1-8-031
1951 Old and new problems about national income and national wealth <<Banca Nazionale del Lavoro quarterly review>> no.19-20 Gini, Corradao - 1-F1-5-024
Oliver Goldsmith, Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, where wealth …, The Deserted Village Goldsmith, Oliver - 1-H-01-12/01
1936-04 On an empirical criterion of meaning <<Philosophy of science>> vol.3, no.2 Fries, Horace S. - 1-F1-9-018
1960-02 On capital-output rations by industry of Japan, 1955 <<The Indian Economic Review>> vol.V, no.1 Massaki, H. - 1-F1-1-022
1934-04-30 On construction and criticism of a rational system of beliefs Tsuru, Shigeto - 1-A-2-05/06
1934-04-30 On construction and criticism of a rational system of beliefs Tsuru, Shigeto - 1-A-2-05/06
On measuring economic benefits of health programs <<Medical history and medical care>> - - 1-F1-6-082
1961 On prof. Samuelson's Economics 『青山学院経済論集』 vol.13, no.2 Shibata, Kei - 1-F1-6-064
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