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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1989-04-05 Public choice analysis in historical perspective. Lezioni Raffaele Mattioli, Milano, 5-7 aprile, 1989 Peacock, Alan - 1-F1-4-022
1974 The Public household- on "fiscal sociology" and the liberal society Bell, Daniel - 1-F1-4-032/5
1972-05 Public interest law firms: New voices for new constituencies.<<American Bar Association Journal>>, vol.58 Harrison, Gordon; Jaffe, Sanford M. - 1-F1-2-026
1971-06-16 Qualitative parameters for measuring development, Enclosure 1 Eriksson, Bjorn - 1-H-08-59/07
1976 A Quantitative analysis of the effects of the regional employment premium and other regional policy instruments, <<The economics of industrial subsidies>>, HMSO, 1976, Moore, Barry; Rhodes, John - 1-F1-4-020
2002-03-21 Quesnay and Leontief on capital and income Ormazabal, Kepa M. - 1-F1-3-054
1968-05 The quest for the historical Marx Bell, Daniel - 1-T-1-02/11
Question de medecine Thiéry, François - -
R .Whately Cooke Taylor Introduction to a History of the Factory System. London 1886 福田, 徳三 - FT11-1
1931 R. Kotzschke Grundzüge der deutschen Wirtschaftsgeschichte bis zum 17. Jahrhundert 増田, 四郎 - -
1937-05-06 Rae,John Life of A.Smith 1895 大塚, 金之助 - -
1962 Rapid growth under decentralized socialist planning: Yugoslavia Dabčević-Kučar, Savka - 1-U-1-14/06
1962 Rapid growth with formal planning divorced from action: Japan. Chapter 6 Tsuru, Shigeto - 1-T-2-04/26
1963 Rapid growth with incomplete formal planning: Mexico Wionczek, Miguel S. - 1-U-1-14/05
Rapports entre de la France det le Japon 福田, 徳三 - FT22-3-3

Rathaus Nürnberg-Fürther Strassenbahn - No.C-26

Rathaus in Fürth Nürnberg-Fürther Strassenbahn - No.C-33
1972 Reading List - - 1-T-5-24/04
1961 real and illusory aspects of an overvalued exchange rate: the Pakistan case (Rice University, Program of development studies. Paper no.4) Lange, Oscar - 1-F1-6-029
1979-03 Real and illusory aspects of an overvalued exchange rate: the Pakistan case (Rice University, Program of development studies. Paper no.4) Soligo, Ronald - 1-F1-6-069
1952-04-12 Recent developments in the Far East, National conference of the Council on Recent Developments in the Far East, April 12, 1952 Dutt, Vidya Prakash - 1-F1-4-008
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