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1-U-1-14 [Hagen, E. E.(ed.) Economic developing planning 原稿群] 1962

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1963 Rapid growth with incomplete formal planning: Mexico Wionczek, Miguel S. - 1-U-1-14/05
1962 Rapid growth under decentralized socialist planning: Yugoslavia Dabčević-Kučar, Savka - 1-U-1-14/06
1962 The varying success of explicit planning: India Lewis, John P. - 1-U-1-14/04
1962 The varying success of the conventional type of development planning: Burma Walinsky, Louis J. - 1-U-1-14/03
Some difficulties and some remedies - - 1-U-1-14/08
The nature of good plan and good planning - - 1-U-1-14/07
Introduction: the purpose of the Handbook - - 1-U-1-14/02
Tentative table of contents - - 1-U-1-14/01


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