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1-U-1-15~26 [研究論文・報告書・雑資料] 1950-1992

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1992-05 転機を迎える我が国製造業の収益構造: 内需減速の下で顕在化した低収益体質(IBJ Flash) 前中, 正行 - 1-U-1-25
1972-01-01 [読売新聞 昭和47年1月1日 第2部 「第三の開国」] - - 1-U-1-26
1967 Finance and development V.4, no. 2-3 International Monetary Fund and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 1-U-1-22
1966 Japan <<Foreign Tax Policies and Economic Growth>> Komiya, Ryutaro - 1-U-1-15
1965-08 Econometric models for medium-term economic plan, 1964-1968: A report by the Committee on Econometric Methods Economic Planning Agency, Govt. of Japan, - 1-U-1-24
1958-05 State development plans -- Review of progress Government of India, Planning Commission - 1-U-1-16
1957-05 後進國開發理論の研究 : 後進國開発問題の理解のために 三菱経済研究所 - 1-U-1-23
1956-12 Tokugawa feudalism and the new leaders of early modern Japan <<Explorations in entrepreneurial history>> vol. 9, no. 2 Choi, Kee Il , - 1-U-1-18
1956-04 Review article:Yuan-Li Wu, An economic survey of Communist China <<Explorations in entrepreneurial history>> vol. 8, no. 4 Eckstein, Alexander - 1-U-1-19
1956-03 Economic planning in India: five comments Galbraith, John Kenneth - 1-U-1-20
1953-12 Explorations in entrepreneurial history, vol.6, no.2; A symposium on the Aristocrat in Business. - - 1-U-1-17
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