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1-U-1-30 TNC研究会[多国籍企業に関する明治学院大学とシドニー大学との共同研究] 1987-1988

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Issue Date/ThumbnailTitleAuthor(s)contentsReference Code
1988-10 The development and diffusion of radical electronics-based innovations: Comparative technology Status Assessment of Japan Korea, Thailand and India (preliminary draft) Tabe, Noboru - 1-U-1-30/15
1988-10 Transnational corporations in India (with special reference to Japanese TNCs) Kumar, Nagesh - 1-U-1-30/14
1988-10 Programme・List of the participants - - 1-U-1-30/12
1988-05-18 Australian economic relations with Asia Wheelwright,Ted - 1-U-1-30/13
1988-03-31 Transnational corporations in the third world : a bibliography (研究用参考資料 No.1) Meiji Gakuin University, Faculty of International Studies. - 1-U-1-30/11
1987-11-09 [研究計画案] 塩月, 賢太郎; 熊本, 一規; 宮本, 幹夫 - 1-U-1-30/10
1987-11-09 Asia NICsと超国籍化 司馬, 純詩 - 1-U-1-30/09
1987-09-18 Tentative plan of study Morimoto, Eiji - 1-U-1-30/05
1987-09-18 Transnationalization of the world market. Univ. of Sydney/MGU Joint Seminar Shiba, Junji - 1-U-1-30/04
1987-08 Transnational capital and urbanization in Japan Douglass, Mike - 1-U-1-30/08
1987 (書簡) Wheelwright & Coughと都留との往復書簡 Wheelwright,Ted; Crough, Greg; Shigeto, Tsuru - 1-U-1-30/07
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