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Sep-2019 Fatum, Rasmus; Yetman, James Accumulation of Foreign Currency Reserves and Risk-taking - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-89
Sep-2019 Suzuki, Taku; Mizobata, Satoshi Social Confusion and Corruption: Investigating the Causes and Effects of a Breakdown of Ethics - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 690_v2
19-Aug-2019 米山, 高生 みちくさ保険物語 画像に見る保険の歴史 070 : 保険と共済 (3) 戦友共済 - -
7-Aug-2019 倉田, 良樹 構造化理論から知識の社会学へ(4) From Theory of Structuration to Sociology of Knowledge (4) -
Aug-2019 Кумо, Кадзухиро К вопросу о межрегиональном перераспределении населения в Советской России - RRC Working Paper Series ; No. 83
Aug-2019 島澤, 諭; 堤, 雅彦; 難波, 了一 世代内・世代間の受益・負担構造に関する研究 : 全国消費実態調査を用いた世代会計モデルを軸に New estimate of a Generational Accounting Model using the latest National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure CIS Discussion paper series ; No. 681
Aug-2019 Iizuka, Toshiaki; Shigeoka, Hitoshi Free for Children? Patient Cost-sharing and Healthcare Utilization - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-5
Aug-2019 Wu, Harry X. Towards an Institutional Interpretation of TFP Changes in China - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-4
Aug-2019 雲, 和広 中央アジアの人口統計 Population Statistics for the Central Asian States CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-3
Aug-2019 島崎, 隆 断食・少食は体内環境を変える - -
Aug-2019 Morita, Hiroshi Forecasting Public Investment Using Daily Stock Returns - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-88
Aug-2019 Kikuchi, Masao; Mano, Yukichi; Njagi, Tim; Merrey, Douglas; Otsuka, Keijiro Economic Viability of Large-scale Irrigation Construction in 21st Century sub-Saharan Africa: Centering around the Estimation of Construction Costs of Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Kenya - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-87
Aug-2019 Kumo, Kazuhiro Inter-Regional Population Re-distribution in Soviet Russia Revisited - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2019-2
Aug-2019 Kawamoto, Kazuko Socialism and the Right of Inheritance: A Discussion on the Reform of the Soviet Civil Law in the Late 1930s - RRC Working Paper Series ; No. 82
Aug-2019 Honda, Toshio The de-biased group Lasso estimation for varying coefficient models - Discussion papers ; No. 2018-04
Aug-2019 Fujitani, Ryosuke Financial reporting frequency and external finance : Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment - Working paper ; No. 230
31-Jul-2019 冉, 露芸 文法教育における母語転移の扱い方 : 中国語話者のアスペクト・テンスの習得における発達パターンに着目して - -
31-Jul-2019 田尻, 歩 戦後日米芸術理論と実践におけるマルクス主義理論の影響と再創造 - -
31-Jul-2019 Minamitani, Yoshimi James Joyce and Modern Animals: Reconstruction of Dublin's Denizens ジェイムズ・ジョイスと近代的動物(モダン・アニマルズ) : 人間ならざるものたちの街 -
31-Jul-2019 守, 博紀 アドルノにおける言語・自由・道徳 : 哲学的著作と音楽論の横断的読解を通して - -
31-Jul-2019 櫻井, 宏明 経済協力の有効性 : 対タイ経済協力にみるエビデンス Effects of Foreign Aid: Evidence from Thailand -
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