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Jan-2020 荒井, 耕 医療法人歯科診療所における財務実態への法人属性の影響力 : 法人属性を説明変数とする回帰分析 - Working paper ; No. 153
Jan-2020 Honda, Toshio; Lin, Chien-Tong Forward Variable Selection for Sparse Ultra-High Dimensional Generalized Varying Coefficient Models - Discussion papers ; No. 2020-01
Jan-2020 Okamuro, Hiroyuki; Nishimura, Junichi Effects of multilevel policy mix of public R&D subsidies: Empirical evidence from Japanese local SMEs - CCES Discussion Paper Series ; No. 70_v2
Jan-2020 Maitra, Pushkar; Mitra, Sandip; Mookherjee, Dilip; Visaria, Sujata Decentralized Targeting of Agricultural Credit Programs: Private versus Political Intermediaries - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-94
Jan-2020 荒井, 耕 医療法人歯科診療所の財務実態 : 法人属性別分析 - Working paper ; No. 152
27-Dec-2019 蔣, 允杰 植民地化過程における朝鮮牛 : 帝国日本の畜産資源確保と利用 - -
16-Dec-2019 米山, 高生 みちくさ保険物語 画像に見る保険の歴史 074 : 保険会社の写真帖(2) 八千代生命 - -
4-Dec-2019 - 一橋大学哲学・社会思想学会 個人研究発表募集のご案内、総会報告 - -
4-Dec-2019 高木, 駿 カントと公的空間趣味判断の多元主義の観点から - -
4-Dec-2019 高橋, 駿仁 啓蒙黎明期の歴史研究 : ニコラ・フレレの歴史擁護と宗教批判 - -
4-Dec-2019 - 表紙 - -
Dec-2019 生稲, 史彦; 金, 東勲; 鴫原, 盛之; 松井, 彩子; 清水, 洋 呉英二インタビュー後半 : 呉ソフトウェア工房におけるゲーム開発についての証言 Eiji Kure, Oral History (1st, 2): History of Game Development at Kure Software Koubou IIR Working Paper ; No. 19-30
Dec-2019 生稲, 史彦; 金, 東勲; 鴫原, 盛之; 松井, 彩子; 清水, 洋 呉英二インタビュー前半 : 呉ソフトウェア工房の設立とゲーム開発についての証言 Eiji Kure, Oral History (1st, 1): History of Game Development at Kure Software Koubou IIR Working Paper ; No. 19-29
Dec-2019 Gotzen, Frank Some aspects of the new DSM Directive in Europe The new DSM directive in the EU : Some aspects -
Dec-2019 Haggag, Rana Translating 'Islam' into Japanese - Concerning the Japanese Version of the Qur'an and Its Translation Strategy - -
Dec-2019 Koiwa, Shinji Weber's Konzertstück op. 79, or Programming Piano Concertos in Early-nineteenth Century Concerts (The Birth of the Piano Concerto, Chapter 5) - -
Dec-2019 Lee, Yeounsuk The Transition of the Monk's Dance (Sŭngmu) from Ritual Dance to Folk Art in Modern Korea to 1945 - -
Dec-2019 Ogata, Ichiro Von einem jungen Japaner: Toshio Morikawa - Thomas Mann Briefwechsel (1) - -
Dec-2019 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者交代と利益調整行動 Top Executive Turnover and Earnings Management Working paper ; No. 216
Dec-2019 Laussel, Didier; Long, Ngo Van; Resende, Joana The Curse of Knowledge: Having Access to Customer Information Can be Detrimental to Monopoly’s Profit - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-93
Dec-2019 Colombo, Luca; Labrecciosa, Paola; Long, Ngo Van A Dynamic Analysis of Climate Change Mitigation with Endogenous Number of Contributors: Loose vs Tight Cooperation - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-92
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