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Sep-2017 島崎, 隆 書評 : 尾関周二/環境思想・教育研究会編『「環境を守る」とはどういうことか』 - -
Sep-2017 KOGURE, Katsuo Some Remarks on the Causal Inference for Historical Persistence - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-44
Sep-2017 ARZANDEH, Mehdi; GUNAY, Hikmet Tariffs, R&D, and Two Merger Policies - Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-53
Sep-2017 Gotoh, Reiko; Yoshihara, Naoki Securing Basic Well-being for All - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 664
Sep-2017 Fukao, Kyoji; Paul, Saumik The Role of Structural Transformation in Regional Convergence in Japan: 1874-2008 - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 665
Sep-2017 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者交代と利益調整による利益ベンチマーク達成 Top Executive Turnover and Benchmark Beating through Earnings Management Working paper ; No. 216
Sep-2017 KUROZUMI, Eiji Confidence Sets for the Date of a Mean Shift at the End of a Sample - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-06
Aug-2017 SAITO, Makoto Central bank notes and black markets: the case of the Japanese economy during and immediately after World War II - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-01
Aug-2017 Ogawa, Kazuo Inefficiency in Rice Production and Land Use: A Panel Study of Japanese Rice Farmers - HIT-REFINED Working Paper Series ; No. 68
Aug-2017 加納, 和子; 加納, 隆 実質為替レートと通貨体制 : 1972年沖縄返還からの示唆 Real Exchange Rates and Currency Regimes: Implications from 1972 Okinawa Reversion Discussion paper series ; No. HIAS-E-52
Aug-2017 Kumo, Kazuhiro Demographic Situation and Its Perspectives in the Russian Far East: A Case of Chukotka - RRC Working Paper Series ; No. 71
Aug-2017 Кумо, Кадзухиро Демографическая ситуация на Дальнем Востоке России и ее перспективы на примере Чукотки - RRC Working Paper Series ; No. 70
Aug-2017 Lombardi, Michele; Yoshihara, Naoki Partially-honest Nash implementation: a full characterization - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 662
Aug-2017 Yoshihara, Naoki; Veneziani, Roberto The measurement of labour content: a general approach - Discussion paper series. A ; No. 663
Aug-2017 Litvinenko, Tamara Vitalyevna; Kumo, Kazuhiro Post-Soviet Period Changes in Resource Utilization and Their Impact on Population Dynamics: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug - CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2017-3
Aug-2017 石川, 健; 大津, 定美; 雲, 和広; 志田, 仁完; 中村, 靖; 日臺, 健雄 ロシアの長期労働統計 Long-term Labor Statistics of Russia CEI Working Paper Series, No. 2017-4
Aug-2017 OBARA, Takuya Optimal human capital policies under the endogenous choice of educational types - CCES Discussion Paper Series ; No. 66
Aug-2017 荒井, 耕 医療法人の事業報告書等を活用した「医療経済実態」把握の有用性 : 既存の公的類似調査の適切な補完 - Working paper ; No. 146
Aug-2017 石田, 惣平; 蜂谷, 豊彦 経営者の在任期間と目標利益達成を意図した利益調整 Top Executive Tenure and Earnings Management to Meet Earnings Target Working paper ; No. 197
Aug-2017 JIANG, Peiyun; KUROZUMI, Eiji Power Properties of the Modified CUSUM Tests - Discussion papers ; No. 2017-05
31-Jul-2017 阿部, 仁 巻頭言 Preface -


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