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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
1-Jul-1955 大川, 政三 F・シェハブ著『累進課税 : イギリス所得税における累進原理発展の研究』 F. SHEHAB : PROGPESSIVE TAXATION, A Study in the Development of the Progressive Principle in the Britisch Income Tax, 1953 -
28-Feb-1967 岸本, 嬉子 F・リスト,ナショナリズムの成立過程 : 初期の政治論を中心に The Notes on Friedrich List : the Establishment of "Nationalism" -
1-Mar-1969 久場, 嬉子 F・リストにおける国民主義 : その思想的背景について Nationalism of F. List -Background of His Thoughe- -
1-Jun-1966 稲垣, 寛 G-S理論の基本構造 Fundamental Structure of the New Monetary System : An Appraisal of "MONEY IN A THEORY OF FINANCE"by J.G.Gurley and E.S.Shaw -
Feb-2001 Maeda, Mariko D. G. I. Joe Meets Geisha Girls: Japan's Postwar Policies of Legalized Prostitution for U. S. Occupation Forces - -
1980 山﨑, 耕一 G.-J.-A.デュシェールとフランス航海条令 - -
30-Jul-1982 岡, 眞人 G.D.H.コール晩年の社会主義像 : 福祉国家をこえて G.D.H.Cole's Socialist Thought in His Last Years : Beyond the Welfare State -
30-Apr-1984 安川, 一 G.H.Meadにおける行為とパースペクティヴ : self概念の再構成に向けて Act and Perspective in G.H.Meed : Toward a Reconstruction of the concept of Self -
31-Mar-1960 増谷, 外世嗣 G.M.ホプキンズ描写 - -
31-Jul-1989 池田, 光義 G.ジンメル「他者理解論」考 Eine Uberlegung zu Georg Simmels Konzeption vom Fremdverstehen -
Dec-1988 Takeuchi, Hirotaka Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Global Product Development - -
Dec-2009 Hayakawa, Kazunobu; Kimura, Fukunari; Matsuura, Toshiyuki Gains from Fragmentation at the Firm Level : Evidence from Japanese Multinationals in East Asia - Global COE Hi-Stat Discussion Paper Series ; No. 94
Mar-2006 Barone-Adesi, Giovanni; Engle, Robert; Mancini, Loriano GARCH Options in Incomplete Markets - CEI Working Paper Series ; No. 2005-12
26-Mar-2004 釜江, 廣志; 皆木, 健男 GARCHによるわが国国債先物市場の効率性の検証 - Working paper ; No. 98
Jun-1996 Murota, Takeshi Gas Hydrate Exploration: Its Technology-Environment Interface In the World and Japan - -
1-May-1987 倉林, 義正; 作間, 逸雄 GDP国際比較における世界価格の概念について The Concept of International Prices for the International Comparison of Real GDP : A Reconsideration -
15-Oct-1982 倉林, 義正; 作間, 逸雄 GDP国際比較の一方法--van Yzeren法の再評価-- An Alternative Method of International Comparisons of Real GDP--A Reappraisal of van Yzeren Methods-- -
Mar-1966 Kamei, Takashi Gedanken uder die Modernisierung Japans - -
Mar-2016 ONO, Hiroshi; ZAVODNY, Madeline Gender and the Internet, Revisited - Invited fellow DP, No. 30
Jan-2011 Oshio, Takashi Gender differences in the importance of family and social relations for life satisfaction among elderly Japanese - PIE/CIS Discussion Paper ; No. 497
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