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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
1-Feb-1972 菊池, 亘 T・S・エリオットの姿 Note towards T. S. Eliot -
1-Sep-1958 増谷, 外世嗣 T・S・エリオットの能動と受動 The Active and the Passive of T. S. Eliot -
1-Jul-1961 石田, 忠 T・S・サイミィ M・B・サイミィ著『社会科学者としてのチャールズ・ブース』 T. S. Simey and M. B. Simey : Charles Booth-Social Scientist, 1960 -
Oct-1986 Gordon, Robert J. U. S. Fiscal Deficits and the World Imbalance of Payments - -
Jan-2008 Sato, Tetsuo The U.N. Security Council and the Rule of Law in International Society : with Particular Reference to Chapter VII Activities - -
17-Nov-2003 Kudo, Takeshi; Ogawa, Eiji The U.S. Current Account Deficit is supported by the International Capital Inflows? - Working paper ; No. 92
31-Jul-1999 Sato, Takeshi U.S. Foreign Policy and International Regimes : the Case of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Development - -
15-Jan-1966 Meng, Yung-chien U.S. Heading for a New Economic Crisis - -
Nov-2002 Looney, William The U.S. Health Care System: Current Trends and Proposed Reforms - Discussion Paper ; No. 126
Jun-1994 Simon, Sheldon W. U.S. Policy and the Future of Asian-Pacific Security - -
1-Oct-1975 高田, 一夫 UAWルーサー体制の成立 Political Implication of Reuther Administration, UAW -
Apr-1984 Iwasaki, Chikatsugu Uber den Friedensgedanken von Aristophanes - -
Apr-1978 Iwasaki, Chikatsugu Uber die Hypothese - -
Dec-1999 Habermeier, Rainer Uber die Kategorien des Handelns und der Macht - -
Dec-2001 Habermeier, Rainer Uber Einige Zeitformen - -
Dec-2002 Habermeier, Rainer Uber Gesellschaftliche Identitat - -
Dec-1996 Misaki, Kazushi Uberwindung des Subjekts bei Klages und bei Benjamin - -
26-Mar-2015 武村, 知子 ULOGOS : 映像一般と人間の言語 ULOGOS: On Image as Such, and the Language of Man -
Jul-1998 森村, 敏己 Ulrich Im Hof, The Enlightenment. Blackwell, 1997, x+310pp. - -
10-Mar-1975 諏訪, 功 Ulrike Hauser-Suida, Gabriele Hoppe-Beugel : Die Vergangenheitstempora in der deutschen geschriebenen Sprache der Gegenwart Ulrike Hauser-Suida, Gabriere Hoppe-Beugel : Die Vergangenheitstempora in der deutschen geschriebenen Sprache der Gegenwart Untersuchungen an ausgewahlten Texten -
Jul-2008 Bairner, Alan The Ulster Boys : reflections on masculinity within Northern Ireland’s Protestant community アルスター・ボーイズ : 北アイルランドのプロテスタントコミュニティにおけるマスキュリニティについての考察 Invited fellow DP, No. 6
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