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25-Jul-2005 鈴村, 興太郎 整合的選好・順序拡張の存在定理・選択関数の合理化可能性 Coherent Preferences, Existence of an Ordering Extension, and the Rationalizability of Choice Functions -
25-Jul-2005 松﨑, 大介 貨幣経済における世代重複モデルと消費税政策 On Consumption Tax Policy a Monetary Economy with Overlapping Generations -
25-Jul-2005 牧野, 文夫 【書評】中林真幸『近代資本主義の組織―製糸業の発展における取引統治と生産の構造』 【Book Review】Masaki Nakabayashi, An Organization in Modern Capitalism : the Governance of Trade and the System of Production in the Development of the Silk Reeling Industry -
25-Jul-2005 清水谷, 諭; 堀, 雅博 ボーナス制度と家計貯蓄率―サーベイ・データによる再検証― The Bonus System and the Household Saving Rate -Evidence from Japanese Household Data- -
25-Jul-2005 原, 千秋 【Book Review】William Thomson, A Guide for the Young Economist : Writing and Speaking Effectively about Economics - -
25-Jul-2005 山重, 慎二 【書評】清水谷 諭・野口晴子『介護・保育サービス市場の経済分析―ミクロデータによる実態解明と政策提言』 【Book Review】Satoshi Shimizutani and Haruko Noguchi, An Economic Analysis of Care for Children and the Elderly in Japan : A Micro-level Investigation and Consideration of Policy Implications -
25-Jul-2005 土居, 丈朗 地方債をめぐる比較制度分析 Comparative Institutional Analysis of Local Government Bonds -
25-Jul-2005 山尾, 政博 【Book Review】Masahiko Shintani, The Process of Agricultural Growth in Thailand : Analysis of Long‐Term Economic Statistics for the Period of 1950-1997 - -
25-Jul-2005 阿部, 修人; 山田, 知明 消費関数の構造推計―家計調査に基づく緩衝在庫貯蓄モデルと予備的貯蓄に関する実証分析― Structural Estimation of Consumption Function -An Empirical Analysis on Precautionary Saving in a Buffer Stock Saving Model- -
25-Jul-2005 伊藤, 秀史 【書評】都留 康・電機連合総合研究センター編『選択と集中―日本の電機・情報関連企業における実態分析』 【Book Review】Tsuyoshi Tsuru and Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union(eds.), Selecting and Focusing : An Empirical Analysis of Electronics and Information Technology Firms in Japan -
25-Jul-2005 浅子, 和美; 山澤, 成康 予測機関の予測形成様式 On Economic Forecasts by Forecasting Institutions -


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