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15-Oct-2001 池尾, 和人 日本の金融制度 The Japanese Financial System -A Survey- -
15-Oct-2001 張, 星源 稼働率内生型モデルによるTFP成長率の計測―日本の製造業1960-95年― The Effects of Capacity Utilization on the Measurement of Total Factor Productivity Growth -Some Findings from Japanese Manufacturing in 1960-1995- -
15-Oct-2001 宮川, 努 【書評】浅子和美『マクロ安定化政策と日本経済』 【Book Review】Kazumi Asako, Macro Stabilization Policies and the Japanese Economy -
15-Oct-2001 西村, 可明 ハンガリーにおける外国直接投資(FDI)再論 Reconsideration of FDI in Hungary in the 1990s -
15-Oct-2001 祝迫, 得夫 【Book Review】John H. Cochrane, Asset Pricing - -
15-Oct-2001 福井, 清一 【書評】黒崎 卓『開発のミクロ経済学』 【Book Review】Takashi Kurosaki, Development Microeconomics -Theory and Empirical Applications -
15-Oct-2001 Eicher, Theo S.; Turnovsky, Stephen J.; Walz, Uwe Financial Liberalizations and Capital Flow Reversals―Optimal Policy for Short and Long Term Debt Management― - -
15-Oct-2001 宮本, 光晴 【書評】植村博恭・磯谷明徳・海老塚 明『社会経済システムの制度分析』 【Book Review】Hiroyasu Uemura, Akinori Isogai and Akira Ebizuka, The Institutional Analysis of Socio-economic Systems -Beyond Marx and Keynes -
15-Oct-2001 麻生, 良文; 何, 立新 公的年金と家計資産 Public Pensions and Household Wealth -
15-Oct-2001 清水, 学 【Book Review】Bakhtior A. Islamov, The Central Asian States Ten Years After―How to Overcome Traps of Development, Transformation and Globalisation? - -
15-Oct-2001 是永, 隆文; 長瀬, 毅; 寺西, 重郎 1927年金融恐慌下の預金取付け・銀行休業に関する数量分析―確率的預金引出し仮説 対 非対称情報仮説― Examining the Nature of Bank Runs and Closures in the 1927 Financial Panic -Asymmetric Information (AI) Hypothesis vs. Random Withdrawal (RW) Hypothesis- -


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