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15-Oct-1993 伊藤, 繁 戦前期都市の人口動態―統計資料論的検討― Consideration on the Vital Statistics of Cities in the Prewar Period -
15-Oct-1993 伊藤, 隆敏 18世紀,堂島の米先物市場の効率性について Efficiency of the Rice Futures Market in Osaka in the 18th Century -
15-Oct-1993 鈴村, 興太郎 【書評】川又邦雄『市場機構と経済厚生』 【Book Review】Kunio Kawamata, Market Mechanism and Economic Welfare -
15-Oct-1993 尾高, 煌之助; 山内, 太 大正期農家貯蓄の決定要因―新潟県蒲原の村是による考察― The Determinants of Farm Savings in the Mid-1910 Japan -An Examination of Village Accounts in Kanbara County, Niigata Prefecture- -
15-Oct-1993 今津, 健治 【Book Review】Olive Checkland, Britain's Encounter with Meiji Japan, 1868-1912 - -
15-Oct-1993 筒井, 義郎 【書評】寺西重郎『工業化と金融システム』 【Book Review】Juro Teranishi, Industrialization and Financial System -
15-Oct-1993 岡崎, 哲二 戦間期の金融構造変化と金融危機 Change of Financial Market Structure and Financial Crisis in Prewar Japan -
15-Oct-1993 南, 亮進; Kim, Kwan S.; 谷沢, 弘毅 所得分布の長期変動―推計と分析― Long-Term Changes in Income Distribution -Estimation and Analysis- -
15-Oct-1993 斎藤, 修 幕末-明治の賃金変動再考 Wage Changes in the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period -A Reexamination- -
15-Oct-1993 岩田, 昌征 【書評】井上雅雄『日本の労働者自主管理』 【Book Review】Masao Inoue, Workers' Self-Management in Japan -
15-Oct-1993 鈴木, 淳 地方機械工業の変容―日露戦後の炭砿用機械工業― A Change of Local Machine Industry -The Coal Mining Machine Industry after the Russo-Japanese War- -


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