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16-Oct-1989 安場, 保吉 大川一司・篠原三代平・梅村又次編『長期経済統計』全14巻について On Estimates of Long-term Economic Statistics of Japan Since 1868, edited by Kazushi Ohkawa, Miyohei Shinohara and Mataji Umemura -
16-Oct-1989 Menger, Pierre-Michel 【書評】倉林義正・松田芳郎『日本における演奏芸術の経済的および社会的側面』--オーケストラとオペラ-- 【Book Review】Yoshimasa Kurabayashi and Yoshiro Matsuda, Economic and Social Aspects of the Performing Arts in Japan:Symphony Orchestra Opera -
16-Oct-1989 松田, 芳郎 明治中後期会社形態と工場生産 Corporate Ownership and Manufacturing by factories in Late Meiji Period -
16-Oct-1989 Howitt, Peter 【書評】藤野正三郎『貸幣, 雇用および利子』--ケインズ経済学の再構築へ向けて-- 【Book Review】Shozaburo Fujino, Money, Employment, and Interest:Towards a Reconstruction of Keynesian Economics -
16-Oct-1989 大橋, 勇雄 【書評】黒坂佳央『マクロ経済学と日本の労働市場』 【Book Review】Yoshio Kurosaka, Macroeconomics and the Japanese Labor Market -
16-Oct-1989 斎藤, 修 経済発展はmortality低下をもたらしたか?--欧米と日本における栄養・体位・平均余命-- Did Economic Development Bring About Mortality Decline?--Nutrition, Physique and Life Expectancy in the West and Japan-- -
16-Oct-1989 大滝, 雅之 金融の国際化と国際マクロ経済学--サーヴェイ論文-- Structural Change in Financial markets and the International Macro Economics--A Survey-- -
16-Oct-1989 大倉, 正典; 寺西, 重郎 戦間期マクロ均衡と為替レート Exchange Rate and Macroeconomy of Interwar Japan -
16-Oct-1989 清川, 雪彦 製糸業における広義の熟練労働力育成と労務管理の意義 The Formation of Semi-skilled Disciplined Labor and Labor Management in the Japanese Siik-reeling Industry -
16-Oct-1989 Kim, Jun Young Long Run Equilibrium, Income Distribution among Heterogeneous Classes and Taxation in a Two Sector Growing Economy - -
16-Oct-1989 阿部, 武司 明治後期における産地綿織物業の展開--生産額の検討を中心として-- Development of the Cotton-Weaving Industry in Late-Meiji Japan--A Study on Output at Current Prices-- -
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