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15-Apr-1982 津田, 内匠 HumeとTurgot(1) Hume and Turgot(1) -
15-Apr-1982 岩橋, 勝 【書評】田代和生『近世日朝通交貿易史の研究』 【Book Review】Kazui Tashiro, Studies on the History of the Diplomatic Relations and Trade between Japan and Korea in 17th and 18th Centuries -
15-Apr-1982 Kuczynski, Marguerite Réflexions sur la Formation et la Distribution des Richesses--Some Aspects and Episodes concerning their Curriculum Vitae-- - -
15-Apr-1982 Teranishi, Juro 【Book Review】Jürg Niehans, The Theory of Money 【書評】J・ニーハンス『貨幣の理論』 -
15-Apr-1982 徳江, 和雄 【書評】西村閑也『国際金本位制とロンドン金融市場』 【Book Review】Shizuya Nishimura, International Gold Standard and London Money Market -
15-Apr-1982 坂田, 太郎 テュルゴ『考察』の新ドイツ訳刊行に接して On a New German Translation of Turgot's Réflexions -
15-Apr-1982 富沢, 賢治 イギリス労働組合会議と労働代表委員会の形成,1875-1900 The British T. U. C. and the Formation of the L. R. C., 1875-1900 -
15-Apr-1982 Groenewegen, P. D. Turgot: Forerunner of Neo-Classical Economics? - -
15-Apr-1982 Finzi, Roberto The Theory of Historical Stages in Turgot and Quesnay--A Few Comparisons-- - -
15-Apr-1982 杉山, 忠平 J. タッカーの全体像--シェルトンのタッカー研究に寄せて-- Dean Tucker in his Entirety--A Recent Work by George Shelton-- -
15-Apr-1982 大野, 精三郎 ヒュームの市民社会の体系的把握 David Hume's Philosophical and Economic Conception of Civil Society -
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