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15-Oct-1979 Glyn, Andrew The Rate of Exploitation and Contemporary Capitalism - -
15-Oct-1979 置塩, 信雄 マネタリズムの理論構造 Theoretical Frame of Monetarism -
15-Oct-1979 川又, 邦雄 【書評】浜田宏一『損害賠償の経済分析』 【Book Review】Koichi Hamada, An Economic Analysis of Liability Rules -
15-Oct-1979 Fujino, Shozaburo Demand Uncertainty and the Theory of Investment ‐A Reinterpretation of Theories of Investment - -
15-Oct-1979 松本, 有一 【書評】置塩信雄『マルクス経済学 ‐価値と価格の理論』 『現代経済学』 【Book Review】Nobuo Okishio, Marxian Political Economy, Modern Economic Theory -
15-Oct-1979 西村, 周三 医学の方法と経済学の方法 ‐実証研究の方法をめぐって Research in Medicine and in Economics ‐On a Methodology of Empirical Research -
15-Oct-1979 大山, 道広 混合経済の理論的枠組 A Theoretical Framework for Mixed Economies -
15-Oct-1979 刈屋, 武昭 『回帰分析の理論』補論 Some Comments on Theory of Regression Analysis -
15-Oct-1979 石川, 経夫 Entry Job CompetitionモデルとEntry Job Rationingモデル ‐所得分配理論の再構築をめざして Entry Job Competition and Entry Job Rationing Models ‐Towards a Reconstruction of Theory of the Size Distribution of Earnings -
15-Oct-1979 塩沢, 由典 【Book Review】Ian Steedman, Marx after Sraffa - -


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