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30-Jan-1971 石渡, 茂 ソース・アプローチの展望 The Sources of Economic Growth : A Survey Article -
30-Jan-1971 大崎, 平八郎 【書評】長砂実『社会主義経済法則論』 【Book Review】Minoru Nagasuna, The Political Economy of Socialism : Principles and Methods(in Japanese) -
30-Jan-1971 山田, 秀雄 マラヤ植民地化の起源と錫 Origins of the British Political Control in Malaya with Special Reference to the Straits Tin -
30-Jan-1971 中村, 隆英 【書評】山口和雄編著『日本産業金融史研究 ‐紡績金融篇‐』 【Book Review】Kazuo Yamaguchi, ed., Studies on the History of Industrial Finance in Japan ‐TheTextile Industry‐ (in Japanese) -
30-Jan-1971 篠原, 三代平 【書評】中村隆英・原朗編『国家総動員(一)経済』 【Book Review】Takafusa Nakamura and Akira Hara, ed., Public Documents for Japan's National Mobilization in the Second World War-I Economy(in Japanese) -
30-Jan-1971 小尾, 恵一郎 【書評】渡部経彦『数量経済分析 ‐成長をめぐる諸問題‐』 【Book Review】Tsunehiko Watanabe, Quantitative Economic Analysis : A Study of Japanese Economic Growth(in Japanese) -
30-Jan-1971 倉林, 義正 経済統計の体系化と国民経済計算の体系 A Use of National Accounts as a Basis of Economic Data System -
30-Jan-1971 星野, 彰男 A.スミス『道徳情操論』についての新研究と新資料 Professor A. L. Macfie's and Professor D.D. Raphael's New Interpretations of Adam Smith -
30-Jan-1971 Toda, Yasushi An International Comparison of Urban Consumption : Russia and the United States before WWI(in English) - -
30-Jan-1971 大野, 精三郎 Adam Fergusonの市民社会論 The Conception of Civil Society and Its Political Institutions in Adam Ferguson -
30-Jan-1971 大西, 昭 世界経済成長と雇用予測の方法 A Multi-Country Model for Projection of Employment, Wages and Economic Growth -
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