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30-Oct-1970 溝口, 敏行 農家経済行動の計量モデル作成 An Econometric Analysis of the Farm ‐Household Economic Behavior -
30-Oct-1970 木下, 悦二 【書評】古川哲『危機における資本主義の構造と産業循環』 【Book Review】Tetsu Furukawa, Industrial Cycles and Structural Changes in Capitalism since the Second World War (In Japanese) -
30-Oct-1970 伊大知, 良太郎 統計データ論の課題 Tasks upon a Treatise on Statistical Data -
30-Oct-1970 倉林, 義正 【書評】宮沢健一『日本の経済循環』 【Book Review】Kenichi Miyazawa, The Circulation Flow and Structure of the Japanese Economy (In Japanese) -
30-Oct-1970 五味, 健吉 【書評】馬場宏ニ『アメリカ農業問題の発生』 【Book Review】Hiroji Baba, Agricultural Problems in the United States: Origin and Development (In Japanese) -
30-Oct-1970 江見, 康一 【書評】宮川公男『PPBSの原理と分析』 【Book Review】Tadao Miyagawa, A Study of PPBS : Theory and Analysis (In Japanese) -
30-Oct-1970 Kaneda, Hiromitsu Tubewells and the Green Revolution in West Pakistan's Agriculture - -
30-Oct-1970 本間, 要一郎 ヒルファディングの「独占」理論 R. Hilferding's Concept of Monopoly in His ゜Das Finanzkapital゜ -
30-Oct-1970 川勝, 昭平 物価水準の国際比較と貨幣の購買力 An International Comparison of Price Levels and Purchasing Power of Currencies -
30-Oct-1970 Taira, Koji Surplus Labor, Undernourishment, and Labor Market Rationality in LDC Agriculture :The Leibenstein Model - -
30-Oct-1970 南, 亮進 賃金調整関数の分析 ‐Phillips-Lipsey曲線へのalternative approachについて‐ Analysis of Wage Adjustment Functions ‐Alternative Approach to Phillips‐Lipsey Curve -
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