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30-Jul-1970 官鍋, 幟 ソ連農業と地価問題 On Price of Land in Soviet Agriculture -
30-Jul-1970 岩田, 暁一 【書評】溝口敏行・浜田宗雄『経済時系列の分析』 【Book Review】Toshiyuki Mizoguchi and Muneo Hamada, The Analysis of Economic Time Series(In Japanese) -
30-Jul-1970 石川, 滋 中国経済の一つの展望 : 1966-1981 A Hypothetical Projection of the Chinese Economy : 1966-1981 -
30-Jul-1970 石 弘光 【書評】経済企画庁経済研究所『財政制度モデルの研究』 【Book Review】Economic Research Institute, (Economic Planning Board), Econometric Studies of Public Expenditures and Taxes(In Japanese) -
30-Jul-1970 野田, 正穂 【書評】志村嘉一『日本資本市場分析』 【Book Review】Kaichi Shimura, An Analysis of Japanese Capital Market(In Japanese) -
30-Jul-1970 青木, 昌彦 公共財と最適計画の解法 Public Goods and an Optimal Allocation of Resources -
30-Jul-1970 松石, 勝彦 好況過程における生産手段生産部門と消費手段生産部門との関連 The Relationship between Means of Production Producing Department and Means of Consumption Producing Department in the Upward Process of the Business Cycle -
30-Jul-1970 中野, 雄策 経済学と共産主義 The Foundation of Communism in Marxian Economics-A Critic of Its Interpretation as a Pure Theory of Capitalism -
30-Jul-1970 Nagatani, Keizo Uncertainty and the Life Cycle Theory of Saving - -
30-Jul-1970 藤野, 正三郎 所得と富の一般均衡体系と貨幣 The Role of Money within the General Equilibrium System of Income and Wealth -
30-Jul-1970 松川, 七郎 王制復古後におけるPettyの公刊諸著作概観 A Survey of Petty's Published Writings after the Restoration -
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