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No. 04 (Mar. 2013) : [11]

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Issue DateAuthor(s)TitleOtherTitleSeries
Mar-2013 - Cover (DIS 4) - -
Mar-2013 - Table of Contents (DIS 4) - -
Mar-2013 YAMAMOTO, Tadahito Editor’s Note(DIS 4) - -
Mar-2013 UENO, Junko Urban Experience of Disaster:Situating the Great East Japan Disaster in Regional Contexts - -
Mar-2013 UENO, Junko Breakdown of Infrastructures and Urban Disconnection:Tokyo in Post-quake Chaos - -
Mar-2013 UEDA, Takefumi The Great East Japan Earthquake and Responses from Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, and Architecture Industry:Reconsidering Tokyo as a Center of Expertise - -
Mar-2013 SUZUKI, Naofumi Tokyo and the Social Aftershocks of March 11:Our Experiences of the Earthquake and its Aftermath - -
Mar-2013 IWADATE, Yutaka The Actuality of Theoretical Detour:Reading The Urban Question on a Critical Point - -
Mar-2013 SATOH, Keiichi Preface: To Understand the Different Side of Problems Faced by Each Civil Organization - -
Mar-2013 KOMODA, Reeya Revival of the Deep-rooted Anti-Nuclear Power Social Movement in Kansai Region:Green Action - -
Mar-2013 SATOH, Keiichi Connecting Evacuees through Lunchbox Delivery Service:The Female Farmers’ Power Project “Ka-Chan no Chikara Project” - -


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